35 caliber 225 accubond


Jun 28, 2012
This is a picture of one that went through the front shoulder of a 5 point bull elk and lodged just under the hide on the other side. Retained weight was 155 grains. Muzzle velocity was 2750 and the shot was 170 yards.

Had a rough ride but did pretty good otherwise. Any pictures of your bull? Congrats on filling your freezer with a nice bull!
Yes, nice looking bull! Really like that rifle too. I'm guessing that is your son, I bet he was happy to be there too. Congrats again.
Nothing wrong with that performance, and everything right about your bull. Congratulations. Maybe you'd be so kind as to give us a summary of your hunt. I know I'd enjoy reading your account.
A little bit about the rifle first I guess. It is a Kevin Weaver custom on a pre-64 Model 70 action in a mcmillan D'Arcy Echols stock, Lilia 1-12 stainless barrel it is a 350 Rem. Mag. Loaded long, cartridge OAL is just short of 3.200 with the nosler 225 AccuBond. I got the rifle from Kevin the day I got my elk. I worked up a quick load using RL 15 reaching 2750 with no pressure signs, sighted 2 inches high good enough for now I said and went hunting. Anyway after hunting for about an hour my son and I spot two bulls ranged at over 500 yards. I wasn't set up for that type of shot considering I just sighted in my rifle an hour before, so we tried to put a sneak on the two bulls. As luck would have it both bulls ran into a small draw and thinking they were safe stayed in a big patch of brush and trees. We were able to cut the distance to 170 yards before they smelled us and began to file out of the draw. The first was a 5 pt the 2nd was taller but had fewer points. I quickly set up and decided I would take the 5 pt. One shot through the front shoulder and the elk just crashed to the ground. After giving a high five to my son we walked up to the elk both feeling very excited for the moment. After taking a few pictures we skinned the elk and walked out in pitch black conditions(we did have headlamps), I shot it about 1/2 hour before sunset. The next day we got the rest out. It is my best bull and what an event to share with my son. He unfortunately had a cow tag, but I'm sure he will get one soon.
That was a great adventure, for sure. The Whelen does deliver the goods when we do our part.

Loved reading about the hunt. Looks like the bullet did very well, nicely placed.

Best of luck to you and your son the rest of this season!

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That's a cool photo. Looks like it ought to be printed and framed.

Yes, I'm going to put the framed picture underneath the antlers. I'm going to turn it into a European mount, should look really nice.
That’s a great recovery, awesome rifle (huge Kevin fan) and hunt with the new rifle. Well done!

Congrats on all of it.