.357 mag 158 Rem JHP

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Wow - unfinished business here - and a lesson about water jugs re-learned. Always use a couple more jugs than anticipated! One look at the Remington ammo, and I saw the big hollow point, the large amount of exposed lead, and the scalloped jacket edges - and figured it for a fast-expanding, shallow penetrating bullet. Hmmmm... I've almost always stopped self-defense handgun ammo in four or five jugs, even .40's and .45's... So I set four jugs on the table, backed off to 10 yards, and sent a 158 grain JHP Remington bullet through all four of them... Dang. It was lost somewhere in the snow covered berm beyond - and I was about out of water jugs so... Next time perhaps!

Meanwhile - figure that the .357 mag, 158 gr JHP ammo from Remington will both expand and penetrate nicely. Muzzle velocity from the 2.5" S&W Model 19 was an impressive 1237 fps:



Doggone jug killing .357 mag, grumble, growl. More jugs for you next time! :twisted:

Been there, done that too. :mrgreen:

Hey Guy do you mind sharing what your load is for that bullet? That is good velocity.

Yep, same here. Lined up 5 jugs to catch a 180 AB out of a 300WSM.. Blew right thru them all... Live and learn I guess.
I caught a nicely mushroomed federal 158 in four jugs today.

I tried to catch the 150 grain nosler but that also at four jugs and kept going....I have them loaded in 38 special cases and .357 so as soon as I drink eight gallons of milk I'm going to re-run the test.