375 Winchester QL


Nov 28, 2018
Just curious what powders will work in a 20" M94 big bore with 200gr bullets does hodgdonLever work anyone know? aslo saw on the hammer site somone using H110
Haven't loaded the 200 gr Sierra's as yet...and have used IMR4198 with the 220 gr Hdy to date (32.2 gr for 2000 fps - did not chrony so cannot prove what the Hornady manual claimed for velocity in the 20" barrel).

Load Data states that IMR4198 and Re-7 give the highest velocities, while H-322 gave the tightest groups in the Winchester.

Shooter's Reference provides data for both IMR4198 and H-322 for the 200 gr bullet.
The 375 runs on the same powders that make the 45-70 purr. Either 4198, RL7, Vt130. Leverevolution is probably a bit slow for a straight walled cartridge.
Here's a link with some more info for reloading the 375 Win (and 356 Win for those also interested):


Going to be trying some of these loads myself in my Marlin and my Winchester.
Because I know how well the 220 gr Hdy shoots in my Marlin, I will probably stick to this bullet in the Marlin, and develop loads with the Sierra in the Winchester.

Probably be May when I get around to this, as focussing on my trip to New Zealand at the end of April/beginning of May at the moment. Although Susan is looking forward to hunting bear this spring when we get back!
If I don't get to it then...may just hunt bears with the 338 Marlin Express or my new to me 444.