$4000 plains game trip

That sounds great, Guy. I hope to go before 2020. We'll see how the economy here holds up and if it turns in such a way as to facilitate a trip to the dark continent. Keep us posted and please take your camera with you.
Any of you Africa hunt veterans want to start dropping advice for ol' Guy - go right ahead! I'm new at this, and looking for info.

At this point it's what appears to be a fairly generic 10-day South African plains game hunt. We've got a group of local hunters going together. Got a price break that way, and what appears to be a decent deal for airline tickets. Oh my, how I HATE flying... At least I can nap on the plane and dream of hunting...

Am figuring the same sort of gear I'd use here for mule deer hunting:
.30-06, 6x scope, 165 or 180 gr Nosler Partitions (never have recovered either) zero at 200 yards
8x binos
8x Swaro rangefinder
Do I even need/want a knife? I always hunt with a knife!

lightweight hiking boots
liner socks & heaver socks as well
jeans or similar trousers
shirts & sweatshirts
jacket - maybe my carhart

I know it gets cool in South Africa in June & July. Rain?

Tell me it doesn't snow there. Please. I get ENOUGH snow here in the Cascades thank you very much.

Watch, I'll have the first snowbound South African hunt... Go figure.

I hear that this area is particularly good for kudu. That's got big (hopefully?) curly horns that go way up right?

Package also includes a blesbok and warthog. Cool. I had to look up what a blesbok was. :oops:

Am hoping to find a good gemsbok. Those things just shout "Africa" to me. Don't know why. I want to hunt one though!

The taxidermist is going to get light duty. Euro/skull mounts and perhaps a "flat" skin or two. That's it. That's all I ever do. I figure a bleached white skull with some big ol' horns coming out of it will look real good. Maybe in my garage? All the good wall space is taken up by elk antlers, deer antlers and bear rugs now. Hmmm.

Okay - how much $ to have for tipping? U.S. currency or get Rand while there?

Is Castle beer at the end of a day of hunting as good as I've heard? Hey, that's important stuff!

I'll be 58 then. Do I need to get in 30 year old USMC condition? Oh my, I hope not... :grin: That might kill me. Am hoping to do a lot of spot & stalk hunting afoot, rather than just riding around in a truck, hopping out and shooting something. Though that has happened a few times while deer & coyote hunting for me, I'll admit.

Passport. Check.
Shots? For South Africa?
Any point in taking the cell phone? Will it work? Charger?
Camera battery charger?

I usually carry a day pack with some essentials like a quart of water, some snacks, a jacket & sweater, stuff like that. Good idea?

Importing and exporting a rifle... Whenever I've been armed in a foreign country (except Canada) it was courtesy of the USMC and if they liked it or not, nobody tried to mess with our rifles... I'd guess I have to do some paperwork this time, instead of just showing up with a rifle and saying "Hi, I'm Guy and I'm here to hunt!" :mrgreen:

Oh yeah, leaving the matter of 165, 180 or 200 gr Noslers aside... (or 220's?)... How much ammo for a ten-day, four or five critter hunt? I'm thinking two boxes of twenty should be plenty of ammo, even if I have to re-zero the rifle.

I'd assume my handloads are perfectly legal to bring.

Hmmm. Packaging the whole mess.

Rifle in a locked case.
Carry on.
Ammo in? The same locked case? A different locked case? I dunno. Probably not in the carry on. That wouldn't likely go over well. Weird.

Okay - fire away with suggestions. I've got a year and a bit to get this right. Already starting on doing more curls so I can look good drinking a beer after a day of hunting. Dont' want the mug shaking! :wink:

Can you tell I'm a little excited about this?

I can't help with much, and all my help is "second hand" as far as Africa goes, but here's what I can tell you:

You should be fine with 40-50rds. Handloads won't be an issue as long as the headstamp on the brass and the chambering on the rifle match. Might be good to pack the handloads in factory ammo boxes if you can, just to avoid any questions about handloads. Not sure how that goes over with the powers that be down there. I know guys take them, but I'd pack them in factory boxes just to be safe. Of course, the box needs to match the headstamp and the rifle markings, too.

Ammo definitely in a separate, locked, checked bag. You should be able to lock it (with a TSA approved lock) in your suitcase as long as you declare it, but check the airline regs with whomever you're flying. In fact, sound advice is to go to the Delta/American/Airline Du Jour website and find their advisement on firearms, print it out (with their logo and URL if possible) and bring that with you to the airport so the guys behind the counter don't hassle you due to their ignorance of the process.

Your outfitter should help you with the forms for entry with a firearm. But I'd also check the national website for their process and directions, and any form you fill out, duplicate it and keep your own copies, if possible.

I think you'll be good with most everything else you've outlined. It should not be any harder than backpacking into the mountains around your home and roughing it for a week, in terms of physical effort. I suspect you're in good enough shape now, but you could always train like you were trying to get a level or two up from where you are.

I'm having lunch with my Africa hunting friend next week, so I'll ask him what else you need to know.
Bring your knife. Not your best one just a good usefull one. You might think about giving it to your tracker if he does a good job, thats why don't bring your best. They put knifes to good use there. Your bino and range finder I would pack it in your carry-on. As far as money for tips, ask the outfitter as they have that info. For us 20.00 a day for the PH, and $2.00 a day for all the staff. Rain should not be a problem but Mother Nature is Mother Nature. A lite poncho just in case. For your phone you can buy a sim card up there for your phone. For your chargers you need the adapter. Booze is usually what ever in on the bar is fair game and as much as you like.
The walking you do in the mountains should be good to go. As far as the partitions, shoot the one that shoots the best in your rifle. Hope this helps
Congrats on the hunt Guy! I almost can't believe you aren't bringing your 375, but ah well, I imagine a 30-06 will do!

Can't wait to hear more about it.
Congrats Guy on your trip, this does sound like the perfect chance to use the big three seven five to me too :)

This is great news. Congratulations. The coming year will go past in a flash, no doubt. However, I should imagine that anticipation will make the trip sweeter with each passing week.
You are going to have a blast!!!! Please fell free to PM me as my recent trip in 2010 left me with lots of recent info and experience. Congrats again!
Make sure you fill out the Customs Form listing the stuff you are leaving the USA with to prove you own it when you try to re-enter the USA.

Failure to do so can lead to things like, "Importing Firearms Illegally", being accused of buying your optics overseas and having to pay taxes on them when you attempt to enter the United States with them, and various other assorted hassles. It's not really a big deal, just have to have the "t's crossed and the i's dotted."

List anything that cost over $100 so you don't get accused of buying it there to avoid paying taxes on it.
Thanks for the tip Vince. I'm figuring on one rifle/scope, one pair of binos, one rangefinder and one digital camera. That's about it for fancy stuff.

Guy, just saw your post on Africa. Give me a shout sometime and I will fill you in on my one and only experience.
Guy Miner":220u5vna said:
Thanks for the tip Vince. I'm figuring on one rifle/scope, one pair of binos, one rangefinder and one digital camera. That's about it for fancy stuff.


I forgot to tell you this, but don't bother bringing your own range finder, your PH will more then likely have one. More then a few PH's have been given a range finder by there last client as a tip. The less you have to think about keeping track of the better, good shots makeup for excess stuff if time is lost when your window of opportunity diminishes and your need to set up, and pull the trigger.
Roger that - and I'm setting aside at least twice the list price of the hunt. Don't intend to get caught short by this!
Guy Miner":tcgjb5ld said:
Roger that - and I'm setting aside at least twice the list price of the hunt. Don't intend to get caught short by this!

Cancelled the trip today.

Was feeling utterly selfish about it.

Feeling much better now. Would rather spend the time & money with my family.

I guess that's it.

There is a part of me that is sorry to read this, Guy. There is a more vital part of me that is in full agreement. We have to live with ourselves, and our choices show what is really valued in our lives. I support you in this decision.
It's funny Mike - shortly after I cancelled the Africa trip. I called the rancher where I hunted last fall, and had him pencil in me and my son for October 2014. Feel REAL good about that.

Am going to try to get back up to Alaska in 2014 too, more fly fishing for silvers.

I just got all caught up in the Africa thing - but it's not for me - not now at any rate. Maybe someday. For now I'm mighty content just hunting here in the west.

Regards, Guy
Hunting with your children--priceless. Time driving in the hills with your wife--priceless. Time afield with good friends--well, you really can't put a price on that.
I am sure it'll happen for you Guy, I know how much you enjoy hunting Wyoming, so that's the kinda trip I would really look forward to as well. Still alot of the West I haven't hunted yet and till I fill more tags in North America, it'll be a bit till I even think of Africa.