416 Wby 350 gr Speer Mag Tip


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Nov 4, 2004
Recovered a Speer 350 gr Mag Tip from the 416 Wby.
MV 2875 fps
Weight 226.5 grs
Dia .810"
Bullet penetrated 4 kitty litter jugs, hit some dry wall backing and was found on the ground.



I've killed a few critters including a couple elk with those at 2650fps. Every elk they touched was like a light switch going off, instant death. The deer were equally impressed, one at 450yds too.
Wow, great results, JD! I am going to have to try that bullet test on my 9.3x74R with 287 gr bullets.
FOTIS":z7w5tpyp said:
Jim That is some bullet!

Did you re-bed yet?

I was impressed with the impact this bullet made! I think it would be pure poison on any game animal but I would want something heavier and tougher for dangerous game.
No, she still needs a bedding job.

Unless people have shot them they don't realize how hard the big bores are on critters. I've only had two animals (out of about 20) even run, much less take a step, after being hit by my .416 or .375. One was a elk hit in the front ankle at 650yds (before laser range finders and my wag was off). I had to chase that one for 1/2 mile but it laid down 3 times in 1/2 mile so it was feeling some pain. The 3rd time it jumped it ran 100yds and stopped to look back, that was the end of him. The other one was my Kudu at 513yds. It was quartering towards me and I hit him along the rib cage and into the liver rather than through the lungs like I hoped. He made it about 80yds.
That is some very serious looking bullet Jim. Those Speer's are tough. That bullet wasn't loafing along.
Have you all taken any game with it? Seems like a bullet that hits way above it's price.
Looks like an excellent bullet a great buy especially for the price.
For sure. My favorite in the 416 is by far the 330 GS Custom HV bullets. 3100 fps from my 416 Bee.