4166 7mm-08 Data.......Expect similar in the 7x57?


Sep 21, 2012
Just picked up the first of Remington's (of the limited edition anyway) "Classics" in 7mm Mauser.

I'm aware most 7x57 data is anemic (low pressure) and have list after list saved on what guys use "stepping on" loads for it.

My shots on deer here in the cornfields of Indiana are only going to be over 200 yards......if I set up for such, but yeah......kinda sounds like a plan to me. 95 percent will be under 125 yards.
It would take understanding the love of "doing it all" as much as one can before anyone would understand that I "wouldn't mind" setting up for a 300 yards shot though.

Anyhow, looking at Hodgdon's online data website 4166 is listed in the 7mm-08 all the way from 115 grain bullets completely through 175 grain bullets, but the burn rate seems a little quick to me for that to make much sense, but these are their stats.

7mm-08 ,24 inch barrel, Remington 9 1/2 primers, Max C.O.L. 2.800 inches (shorter in the 115 grain list). 60k psi maximum
Powder IMR 4166

115 GR. SPR HP 46.1 grains 3183 fps
140 GR. SFT SP 42.3 grains 2841 fps
160 GR. SPR SPBT 39.3 grains 2641 fps
175 GR. NOS PART 38.2 grains 2502 fps

Due to capacity limitations of deep bullet seating, the 4166 data matches or slightly surpasses the heavier bullet speed data for 4451 that is allegedly close to 4350 in burn rate. The 4451 charges in the 08 show as compressed loads.

These are acceptable speeds for these bullets for my use, as long as I can find accurate loads.

Is the few extra grains of capacity AND the long throat of the 7x57 going to make working up to (or passing) these speeds tough to do if I use 4166 across the board?

With the general consensus pointing at 4350 (and slower powders) for the Hail Mary of powder choices for the 7x57 .......I am hesitant.

FWIW the 140 and 175 grain bullets in hand are Remington's core-lokt.
I haven't picked up the other two weights yet and may not the 115 grain but I'm expecting the 160gr will end up being either or both of the two Speer bullets of that weight.......unless I run into marked down partitions lol.

I'd really like to try the newer IMR powders. So before I spend the money and time to attempt this ...... opinions and hopefully, experiences?

While not the top end speeds that the 160 and 175 CAN be pushed to with slower powders in the 7x57, it simply has little benefit for me to work up faster ones IF I can accurately make it to the above speeds with 4166.
The 160 and 175 aren't even required for my use. The 139/140/145/150gr bullets I'm sure would do all I'd require. I just like shooting different weights and running my own comparisons.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

God Bless
I'm using 4955 and 4166 in several cartridges.Their data shows a wide range of bullet weights and cartridges for all of the Enduron powders and to date- they've all worked for me.