A new load for my 7x57


Mar 5, 2019
I recently came across an old red/black box of the old Nosler Solid Base 7mm 120sp. Just on a whim, I loaded some with the same powder charge as my favorite load with 120gr BT and VARGET. I was impressed as the SB shot almost the same groups as the BT.

I decided to try the SB with some StaBall6.5. I ran a velocity ladder first and started in the 7x57 data and wound up in the 7mm08 data and experienced no pressure issues. This 7x57 is a Win 70 Featherweight that my father gave me.

I used PriviPartisan 1x fired brass, and CCI 200s. Velocity for this load averages 2934 fps. Groups were shot at 100yds. I haven't loaded more up yet to see if I can duplicate, but even if future groups double in size, then I think I'll still have a winning combination.

Thought Id share with the brain-trust here, so If you've wondered what the StaBall6.5 will do in a 7x57, then here is just 1 example

I shot many a 150 SB back then with Mod 77 280 and later in a 7mm Rem Mag, but it worked out that I actually hunted with the 150 Partition. I shot more of the 139 Hornady SP in that 280, but I was given the 7mm Mag for Christmas, so I "had" to use it, lol. I eventually worked up in the mag a load with the then new Barnes 120X and it was a death ray, ha. At the time, I didn't try the 120SB or later the BT.