45-70 powder/load?

One more question. Should I shoot it at a closer range to find the best load and then practice out to 50/75/100 yards? Is doing load work at 25 yards too close?
I don't think so. But, absolutely check your loads at further ranges and practice to the farthest you think you may have to shoot. I promise you that if you can make a good shot at 100 yards, you can make a good shot at 20. Unless you are me, then you miss five times in a row :rolleyes: (true story, unfortunately).
If you have the SBL you should have the Ballard barrel I think otherwise some Marlin's had the micro groove barrels that did not like hardcast bullets as they would fill the shallower groove faster with lead deposits.

You can look on your rifle if you have micro groove I believe it says it on the barrel.
I have a Remlin ('15 or '16) sbl and it doesn't state any info about the rifling. What I did do is shine a light from the chamber end and can see micro grooves.
Here is a 3 shot group with H322 and the 300 gr BST that went .400" c/c.
Can't find the one with the Remington 405 gr load but it was similar but bigger, still well under MOA.
H322 has been very good to me.



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Well I just likely picked up my last powder for a long time. I grabbed 8lbs of VihtaVuori N133. Midsouth had free hazmat and it was under $300 which is weird as VV powders usually are the most expensive. I looked up loads in a few books and this will be used to load my Hornady 350 grain Round and Flat nosed .458 projectiles for my 45/70.
Vihtavuori pricing today hasn’t increased nearly at the same rate as the others. Hard to believe it’s the generic equivalent in powder pricing.