6.5-284 vs 6.5-06


Jan 16, 2022
Hello Ladies and Gentleman,,

This is my first post,. My wife and I are hunting partners . She shoots a custom barreled 25-06 rem Ruger # 1 b and a 223 for practice.
Myself, 270win semi custom 700 in 270 win ,and 35 Whelan , and 204 for practice. We love the outdoors !

My question is people build 6.5-284 on a long action I understand why. But with 25-06 brass 270 win brass and 30-06 brass so cheap and the case capacities are very close why not just
run 6.5-06 .. I will sit back and receive my education... Many very wise people on this site. Been following for years. Just did not think I could add anything of importance,

Thank you,
As you have mentioned, case capacities are very similar, and overall performance is also very similar.
One question: What is your intended purpose? E.g, Target shooting? Hunting? Or both?
Your answer may provide the better solution as to which would suit you better.

Using a long action for either provides no difference, except that longer, higher BC bullets can be seated out further in the 6.5-284 case.
My thoughts are that those that choose th 6.5-06 do so to have a wildcat and the joy or thrill of the experience of having to size cases and produce their own ammunition, whereas many that choose the 6.5-284 do so because they do not have to only go through the same exercise, even though many still do, in order to own and shoot a rifle chambered to the latter cartridge, as factory cases and ammunition are available.

Some may argue that the shorter, fatter case is more efficient and inherently accurate. Others will argue that the '06 case based cartridge feeds better. There may be merit to both arguments. I do believe that it really comes down to personal preference and priorities.

Having rifles that use the same parent case already may influence your decision (25-06, 270 and 35 Whelen). I know I have a 280, a 338-06, and desire a 25-06 because of the sharing of the same parent case. I have looked at the 6.5-06 as I am a great fan of the 6.5's, but believe that I will end up with a 25-06 down the road solely because I will not have to deal with a wildcat to complete a 3 rifle package based on the same case and action to cover the wide gamut of game in North America, and am growing more fond of the quarterbores.

In either case (pun intended! LOL), I believe that the user is going to have fun in the pursuit of pride and performance with either cartridge, and a well built rifle in either cartridge can be potentially as accurate as the other. I am fairly confident that owners of rifles well crafted in either cartridge can attest to this.

Welcome aboard, and may your decision net you the experiences and memories you are looking for!
Thank you BLKRAM. Makes good sense. Personally I have no desire to have a 6.5-06 but a good friend does and we kicked the Idea of which way to go.
I do believe he is leaning 6.5-06. Either for him makes a choice.. Intentions are strictly hunting deer, pronghorn, goat or sheep if we ever get lucky and draw.
Thank you for your help sorting it out.
I have both. Shot several deer and antelope with each. I use the 6.5-06 more than the 6.5x284. Just because the way I set up the 6.5-06. Making 6.5-06 brass is not a problem.
my only thoughts on this is brass . you can buy top name brand 6.5-284 brass . for 6.5-06 you will need to form it . will the formed brass need the necks turned ? will the formed brass create donuts , that have to be delt with ?

another thing that probably doesn't matter on a hunting rifle is , the 6.5-284 is / was a very popular BR cartridge . I don't think the 6.5-06 has any following like this .
I had a 6.5-06 years ago built on a Sako action, McGowen barrel. Had no issues loading for it. Only load I used was what the previous owner used which was the Sierra 120 gr Pro Hunter and IMR 4831. Used necked downed 30-06 brass. Killed one deer and traded for a custom muzzle loader. That's all I remember about it. Dan.
I had a 6.5 X 284 in past years.

It was the most accurate rifle I have owned to date. It was a Savage. I thought about the 6.5 - 06 but didn’t want to form brass. I just bought Nosler brass, loaded it, and shot it.

6.5-06 would be my choice although ballistically they are almost identical. Simple to find 25-06 brass and just neck it up.
2 years ago I had the same dilemma. My old gunsmith, Harold Broughton, loved both cartridges. One of his favorites was the 256 Newton {6.5/06} but also built many 6.5/284's. I wound up going with the 6.5/284 due to brass availability and great performance. It was built by West Texas Ordinance with 1:8 Bartlein 26" Magnum contour. It loves 140 AB's and Berger's. After shooting two deer this past season with the Bergers I'm going with the AB's.
i was tossing this around last year and after going back and forth favoring one over the other a dozen times, I ended up going with the 6.5 PRC. Not because I think one is leaps and bounds better than the others, just because of availability of rifles and components.