A Return to the 30-06

Double Dropper

Jan 13, 2018
I have such a variety of rifles and reloading material, and no need to justify the reason why, you can't have too much right? Anyways, looking down the line up (243, 257 Bee, 6.5 PRC, 300 Win Mag, 300 RUM, 35 Whelen and dads old 30-06 in a clean Belgian BAR, I just wanted a nice, light walking rifle with decent hitting power and happened upon a New Savage 110 Ultralite in 30-06. Hmmmm has the nice proof research barrel and it was on sale. It came home, and looking at the old brass and stuff, I started new, 100 rounds of Lapua Brass, 100 168 grain LRABs, Fed 210GM primers, and some Staball 6.5 Powder. Why not.....and added a new neck sizing die from Redding and viola! Load worked up hit 2900 fps, and with some overall length adjustment hit a very nice 1/2" group if I do my part. The rifle is light, easy to carry, comes with multiple cheek pieces, and the Accutrigger. Staball 6.5 though, what a nice powder that seems readily available in Alberta.
The only ‘06 I have is dads old 740 woodsmaster. It’s old and seen it’s fair share of deer seasons, but it’s still a beauty in my eyes. I had another savage ‘06 i planes to send to JES to recut to 35 Whelen, but gave it to my SIL. That savage 110 UL is a dandy of a rifle, that’s what my 280 Ackley is.
Nice when it comes together so easily. Pretty tough to beat a sleek 168 gr at 2900 fps in a lightweight gun for all around use in rough country. It seems anything from Hodgdon is easier to find in BC as well. Have some Staball 6.5 to try in my 260 Rem, I did notice on Hodgdon's site that it looks perfect for the 30-06 too.
For the longest time I fought with my Marlin X7 in 30-06. I came to the conclusion on hanging a new barrel on it , but what. I slapped on a Shaw varmint contoured 30-06 and bingo it can alive. Last fall I took a doe with it , it’s not the black sheep in the safe now.
LB- I once found a older but like new Sako A5 in 30-06 in a Pawn shop, bought it for a 'song". I had it tricked out, scoped, it shot everything I put though it under an 1 1/4"! Sometimes less than 1/2"! It was one of those I had to sell to pay off penalties of "ObammCare"!! Arrgh! ha
I'm still crying in my beer over a Sako 30-06 Finbear Deluxe in 30-06 that I sold about 15 years ago. Oh what I would do to undo that....awesome rifle, awesome cartridge
I had one of these once and it was a shooter for sure. I was younger, dumber and poorer back then doing a lot of hunting in the mountains north of where I live and it was heavy somewhat, so I traded it. Like you i wish it was still with me. Dan.
I've played with a lot of different cartridges over the years but one thing has always held true. Regardless of what I may have been using, a 30-06 has just about always been along as back up, sometimes even being back up to the primary in 30-06. I've always agreed with old Col. T. Whelen when he said, "The 30-06 is never a mistake."
Paul B.
I have four .30-06 rifles and my brother keeps two. One is dads old Remington 700 adl that I restored and upgraded and his other is his very Left handed Remington 700 cdl.
I do the loading for all of them-it’s amazing how some time at a loading desk and at a shooting range can transform wood and metal into a priceless heirloom!
Two of my rifles I call “the loaners.” When someone needs to borrow a rifle they get one of the loaners. A handful of people have tried to buy them from me through the years after they spent a weekend deer hunt with them, but I’m not ready to part with any of my rifles . . . Just yet!