Need Quikload for new 338-06 please

Well, the BR2 was a bust! Hotter loads were all 3" groups. 58 showed promise my first time out so I loaded some more with Big Game, went back to the CCI 250 and went 57, 57.5 and 58. We shall see. :) I didn't clock any of these loads as I am just interested in Accuracy. QL shows around 2750-2800 with the 57,58gr load. My Leupold has the CDS Dialemin thingy. I am confident I have plenty of killing power at that speed.
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Lord Willing, I'm going start out with R17 with some 175gr Hammers. I have some 210 TTSX too. Only 225s I have on hand are some Speer Boat tails. I was going to use them for a substitute/practice load for that Mod 700 338WM I sold ( I then had some Barnes 225 TTSX.) Sold the ones (2 boxes) I had to a local guy who was desperate, right before Elk Season) his favorite load was with the Barnes 225 TTSX and none in town. ( he was a R19 guy). Question??? Was the $155.00/50 I charged him too high?o_O;) lol, Nah...I took what I had paid, $40/box...I was already planning on downsizing, headed back for 175-210gr territory for a 338/06 ( I was going to get an old beat up Savage rebored. ) This was before I even saw the Wby listed in GB, so see? More blessed to Give than Receive, ha.
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Just did a check at the Hodgon reloading center page and since your loading light for caliber bullets there is some interesting date there. 3000fps using BLC2 and 2900 with CFE223, H332, Varget and others.
Hey there old friend! I am using Varget under the Nosler 210 Partition, I will see what that does for me, thanks Roger!
Hey there old friend! I am using Varget under the Nosler 210 Partition, I will see what that does for me, thanks Roger!
Anytime my friend.
I almost had J.E.S. rebore the M70 I used for the 35AI to 338-06 but couldn't escape the call for something different.
Got a good M70 Classic in 338WM so I have my bases covered.
I can't help you with the 175gr.I'm thinking they are longer than the 180gr AccuBond,probably close to a 200gr AccuBond.I know the relief grooves on the mono's change the total bearing surface so it's kind hard to say.I know recently I shot some Hornady SST's and CX bullets and there really wasn't too much difference in the velocity.Loaded the same,same weight bullets,the CX was only 16fps faster,so I'd say the relief grooves made quite a difference since the SST's were 1.43 and the CX was 1.62 in length.
I use the WLRM Primer and resized Winchester 30-06 once fired cases necked up on them.Here is my load data.
180gr AccuBond 58.0grs Varget 3010fps
180gr AccuBond 60.0grs Big Game 2940fps
I have 4 rounds of the same components/charge to test out next week, Lord willing! Thanks sir!
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I loaded up some trial loads in the Lapua brass, R17, 175 Hammer, BR2 primers, 62 - 64gr. I had no problem with the 64gr ( QL Max showed 64.3gr in WW brass) being overly compressed. I sure hope this rifle likes it. I'm making the effort to get out to the range this week for sure. I was off on Veteran's Day, but figured the range would be loaded up, people everywhere. When they get real busy, they Policy kicks in and limits your Range time, to 2hrs. Takes me 25% of that just to get set up, ha! I did get a TT Special Trigger put in and had the receiver screws changed out to Hex Heads. Suh-weet indeed!
A good trigger makes a huge difference for sure.Those Triggertech triggers are nice.I think I have seven of them now.Every year right before the 4th of July they make a special run called Independence Day triggers and you can get them for about a hundred dollars.They are the same as their Primary triggers.I thought my Remington triggers were good,but I could tell I was getting a small amount of movement right before I'd lose the sight picture from the recoil.Those Triggertech's are frictionless,I no longer notice the movement right before recoil.I also like the fact they you can adjust the trigger without taking off the stock.
I've got Trigger Tech triggers on my M21 308 and 375. They are indeed very nice. At some point I will replace the Jewel trigger on my 338 RUM with a Trigger Tech.

Today the 62gr/R17/175HH shot best, 3/4" vertical stack for 3 shots. I had torqued my action screws to 55# after having the TT Special installed. It seemed, to me, that it shot better before at 50#. I'm gonna back off to 50# again and see how she does.
PS I got the 175HH touching each other with 58gr/IMR 3031 in Lapua cases, whoopee!
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I have 4 rounds of the same components/charge to test out next week, Lord willing! Thanks sir!
My rifle said No! about 2 1/2 for all four...bummer. I'm going to try the 210 NP with R17 or Big Game and see what happens.