Need Quikload for new 338-06 please

I shot the 175 HH over 58gr /IMR 3031 seated to 3.26" (top groove) with rifle backed off to 50 "pds of torque. Went into a nice, clover leaf a tad less than 3/4" for 3. Choice Recipe for that bullet. In new Winchester cases, 200 NBT, I worked up to 56 gr/Varget/Fed LR , nice tiny group! Choice for that recipe too. (I have a bunch of regular 200 NBT) Whoopee. It was 32 deg when I started and got up to 40 before I left. I am going to try my 200 NAB over 57-58 Big Game again, Lapua cases, but will seat them a tad deeper. ( from 3.30 to 3.24") and see what that does. So far my old CCI 250 primers work the best with the Lapua recipe.. I'm also going to seat the Nosler 210 to 3.24, but going to start with R16 (57-60gr). The Barnes 210 TTSX I will start out with crimp on top groove first. Still trying to decide which powder for it. I want to start with Lapua cases for it (like my serious hunting loads). I like the fact of the Win Cased/200 NBT/Varget and BR2 shot well, will use plinking/coyotes , anything! Lord Willing. Happy Thanksgiving guys!