Cold Day of Testing (338-06)


Aug 19, 2012
It started out 24 deg today, I was only there an hour and a half, nice! I was bundled up of course, so comfortable. I like testing/working up loads when its cold, i.e. like when I usually get to hunt. (Late Season antlerless, deer/elk) I had already tried the Nosler 210 with Big Game, twice, one w/LR Primer, one with Mag Primer. Once seated 3.30 (magazine limit for reliability) today at 3.275" over R16 in Lapua cases, BR2. No joy. I started at 56.5 stopped at 59.5, (per QL suggestion) all compressed. Best I got was close to 1 3/4" for the 58.5. Not impressed, and yes, I know I can kill every elk in the mountains with a 1.75" grouper, ha, but I already have two loads stacking, the 175HH and 200NBT.
I then tried out the 210 TTSX (my first trial with them) in Winchester cases, Fed LR, R17. 56-57.5 and same thing...about 1 3/4 with the 57.5. I'm going to try H4350 with the 210 TTSX, I'm mad/disgusted with the 210 Nosler! I'll come back to it later..."maybe". Why? Components are a rare commodity today, and I have another rifle to work up with my best powders, the new 7x57. I have plenty of 30-30 stuff for the Mod 336 being reamed. In reality, with the two mentioned loads, I'm set for the 338/06. I mean I will have to see if they hold up in accuracy out to 300 (my limit).
I'm going to take my time with the 210 TTSX, see what I can get. I like a strong Mono for elk, especially up close, just my OCD, if you will, ha. In fact, I'm pretty sure that 175HH will rake one awful well! What I don't want to mess with, I'll trade or sell, i.e. Speer 200/225, a few 200 NAB and maybe these 210PT! I don't have any time to mess with it too much, I'd rather get set up and start shooting out to 300, get some trigger time. I admit that I am looking forward to what Scotty gets with the Scenar 250s. It "peaks" my interest, ha.

I have a Rem 700 ADL that I sent to JES and had him rebore to a 338-06. I've found really good accuracy in mine with H380 with the 200gr Speer, 210 Partition, and the 215 Sierra GK. I also have had great accuracy with the 210 Partition loaded over 61gr of H4350. IMR 4064, VARGET, Reloder 15, and IMR 4895 and Win StaBall6.5 have also produced good results with various bullets.

I can't comment on the Hammers, Barnes or other mono bullets as I haven't tried them in my 338-06.