6.5 Creedmoor Favorite Loads

Recently worked up a load with the 160 gr Woodleigh Weldcores. 41gr of Reloader 19 is putting them right at 2500 in my 25” 7 twist barrel. I started a ladder at 39gr, to 41.5 in 1/2gr increments. There was no elevation change, about .75 horizontal which is most likely shooter issues. I did have trouble feeding them as they have a flat point and had to put a 45 degree chamfer at the entrance of the chamber. They feed slick now. Suckers are looong, I’d imagine they’d shoot through a moose from stem to stern.
43.6 grain RL-16, Federal 210-M, Hornady brass, 2.901 OCL (20/1000 off jam), 2825 fps, 24 inch stainless Tikka T3X CTR.

43.6 grains RL-16, same components, 140 Nosler RDF, 2.910 OCL, 2810 fps. (Or 0.2 more for equal velocity). 60/1000 off jam.

Both fit in the Tikka magazine but are near maximum.
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Right now I'm working up loads for the Nosler 130 RDF with Reloder 17 and H4350 in Prime Brass, Rem 9 1/2 primers out of my 24" Proof Research, 1:8, M24 stainless barrel.

COAL is 2.775 per Nosler Data. Anecdotes indicate they like to be run 2900+.

I'll advise of results

Attachment is Norma Golden Target 130 on left, Nosler on right. Notice the bearing surface on the Nosler is shorter. I got a feeling if I run it up to 120g speeds (2900+) it'll do solid.

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Looking forward to your results. Been thinking about trying the RDF bullets.

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Looking to go out on Friday to my local 200 yard range. Gonna spend all day to shoot and document. Gonna give my kestrel AB software, StrelokPro, and Hornady 4DOF lots of info to argue about. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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Sounds like it'll be a great day!

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The Nosler on the right looks like it would be lighter by its profile in comparison. Also looks like a little more attention was paid to the tip.