6.5 Creedmoor...you guys are going to get me in trouble


Apr 3, 2015
So with all of the Creedmoor talk and the fine groups and easy to reload talk has got me the bug for one I think, you rifle loonies are enablers.

Having a 26 Nosler and loving it I am finding that itch for a "little" 6.5. I have owned and reloaded for both the Swede and the .260 and know what both are capable of.

I haven't been all that stirred up about the Creed until recently. I read an article in Outdoor life while sitting at the barber shop. (http://www.outdoorlife.com/evolution-65-creedmoor) but then I went to the interweb and read about a guy that did a side by side by side of the creed, 260 and the 6.5x47. his summation was there isn't a lick of difference that matters between the three BUT...for the non reloaded this next point is a big thing.

Factory loads for the 6.5x47 are from Lapua only at $2.25/shot(120,123,136,139 and 140gr offerings). Reloading brass is $1.16/piece average. Slowest velocity of the 3

The 260 factory offerings from Federal, Nosler, Black hills, Gorilla, Hornady, HSM, Doubletap, and Remington(120,123,125,129,130, 140, and 142 offerings) about $1.30/shot average. Reloading brass is $.81/piece average. 130gr will do 2950+ in a 24"

Now the creed. Hornady, Winchester, Federal, Browning, Defender, Atomic, Norma, Choice, Doubletap, Nosler, and Barnes. Offerings from 103,120,125,129,130,140,143, 144, and 147. At at $1.05/shot!! Winchester is about $.85/round!!! Reloading brass is about a $1/piece average. That in most cases would seal the deal for me BUT then its to the rifles. 130gr will do 2950+ in a 24"

Not every one is chambering it but I can say that I am not fond of ANY of the current offerings from most. I want a bolt action with a 22-24 in barrel and some nice wood and classic lines. I don not like tacticool, I don't want a plastic detachable mag, I don't want a varmint rifle that weighs 10 lbs before optics. Is a CDL or Featherweight too much to ask? There is the single shot option as ruger did a #1A last year(IF YOU CAN FIND ONE) and Winchester did the 1885 for the SHOT Show in 6.5 Creed, that would be nice.

Sooo I will have to wait until on of the big two get around to chambering it in something I would buy or I will have to go the route I did with my 26 and special order an MRC. The boss won't be happy about it but its easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission right?
Couple of things come to mind:

1) Even though I normally handload, it is real nice to be able to just go to the local gunshop, hardware store, or big box store and pick up a box (or a case) of high quality factory ammo. The Creedmoor has become popular enough, that's possible!

2) I reluctantly passed on a very nice, wood-stocked 6.5 Creedmoor Ruger Hawkeye a few years ago... Wanted it. Handled GREAT, and looked really nice. But... I figured it was just too close in hunting capabilities to my existing .25-06 Rem 700 CDL...

I don't think Ruger still offers that combo, couldn't find it on their web page, but it was a sweet handling rifle.

I like your thinking!

Third thought... It would be pretty easy to pick up a nice, used rifle and simply have it re-barreled to 6.5 CM...

The Creedmoor is about 50fps faster than the 6.5x47L. I have 2 6.5x47L's and 1 Creedmoor. Comparing the brass and loaded ammo isn't really an apple to apple comparison. The Lapua brass is so much better than Hornady and most of the others it's worth the money. The longevity is 3+ times most of the other brass with proper annealing. Lapua now makes Creedmoor brass as does Peterson, which is Lapua quality IMO.

If you want to shoot factory ammo the Creedmoor IS the way to go. If you reload any of them work good but the 260 tends to have more issues with mag box length then the other 2. The Creedmoor is still too long for the mag box in a Remington when you shoot the heavy bullets. You can get them to shoot and fit in the mag box but ideally the mag box should be longer to get closer to the lands.

With the heavy high BC bullets a 6.5 Creedmoor has the energy of a .270 Win with 130's at the further distances despite the 250-300fps velocity handicap at the muzzle.
I've loaded and hunted with all 3 of the 6.5 cartridges. There is zero difference on game between them. If you only by factory ammo the the Creedmoor is by far the way to go. Also I'm not sure what the deal is, but the Creedmoor shoots just about every handload I've tried very accurately. The other two I had to put more work into load development. The Creedmoor factory ammo is excellent. And I have 9 reloads on some of my brass with no looseness on the primer pockets. I enjoy all three, but overall the Creedmoor has been more accurate in two different rifles.
Edit: sorry just realized the 6.5x47 was on this list. I've never messed with one of them. I've only used the Swede, CM, and 260 Rem.

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Oh, I wondered if maybe the 6.5 CM was avail in the Predator version...

The one I darned near brought home was a walnut-stocked Hawkeye, and I really liked it! But... It wasn't going to do anything for me that I wasn't already doing with other rifles, so someone else took it home.

That's a thing both good and bad about being already satisfied with hunting rifles - there's not a lot of practical reason to go get something new! Doggone it. :)

Honestly I don't NEED another rifle as the 26 Nosler will do anything I want to way out past normal hunting ranges. A member here posted that his son downed a moose at over 400 yards with the 26N and 140gn bullet, a pass through or maybe under the off side hide I cant remember but that is saying something.
The 26 Nosler is a scorcher no doubt. I keep looking at it and the 6.5-300 wby ballistics, and they look like they will kill way out yonder.

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