7mm BR XP-100


Sep 15, 2005
We got home before lunchtime today. After unloading, I ran out to Dan Ekstrom’s place to pick up Coco. Dan had done some load development for his six Creedmoor XP-100, and was real pleased with the 100 yard results. Sometime ago, dan had bedded a used 7BR XP that I had picked up used. The manufactured ammo that came with it shot terrible. Like 2 inches and worse. Dan wanted some practice on bedding a XP and there was no way that he could hurt anything. It has a 2-6 Bushnell pistol scope on it. The sling swivel stud was missing, so we just stacked some bags up on the bench on his back porch. It took two shots to get it on paper at 100 yards. I then shot three times.
I guess it was my day to look good. We are now out of this ammunition. And as far as we can tell, this guy is out of business. I have another box of 20, 140 grain triple shocks. Who knows, maybe they will shoot good too.
I was not expecting that, given that someone manufactured the ammo (150 NBT's), my high tech shooting rest, and a 6x long eye relief pistol scope.
It is always nice, when what you happen to have comes together so well.
Got a plan for those , hunting?
They are unique that you can load them backwards as a solid.
I am not going to use them backwards.
With the low pressure with these bore rider type bullets, I can run faster powders, and take the 7BR to higher level distance wise that it is usually capable of.
Minimum of 1500 fps also extends distance.
It will not be great in the wind, but I am hoping for a 350 yards deer/antelope rig.
I won't know anything for sure, until I load for it.