7x57 reduced loads


May 17, 2005
Hi all . This is the first time that Ive visited this site. Great Place. Anyway,
Ive picked up a neat little Mod. 95, and want my 12 year old son to start
shooting . Does anyone have any info on good safe reduced loads? We'll
be using 150g Nosler solid base bullets.
Right now Im looking for something that my son can handle. and not
develope a bad habit like flinching. Anticipating the recoil and all that.
After several lessons, we could bump it up a bit. If everything goes well,
and he is interested in the hunting aspect, he could start shooting a load
suitable for deer sized game. He is an average sized kid, maybe 5'2 and
about 120 lbs. Im not very experienced at this, but will probably get him
started at fairly close range, say 25 yards, to give him the confidence that
he can hit the target, and move out as his accuracy dictates. I really dont
know what a good starting point would be. I'm open to suggestions.


If you can not get anything from there e-mail me and I will get them for you. The 47 ed. Lyman has really reduced loads...Like 150 gr at 1200 fps and so on, so if you have access to it take a look.

I use it quite often. For instance I load 125 gr 357 magnum bullets in my 358 Winchester at 1200-1500 fps with a few grains of Unique or red dot. Fun as hell! :wink:
Consider a lighter bullet for practice and let him use the 150 only on game.

One load I like from the Lyman 47 is 120 grain balistic tip and 39 grains
of IMR 3031, mild and accurate.

The speer manual lists heavier bullets using Sr 4759 for very reduced loads.