A Request for info on Midsouth's "Varmint Nightmare" 55gr


Sep 21, 2012
I see several reviews online on the .224" Varmint Nightmare bullet sold in bulk from Midsouth.
As always, some are good, some are "ok" .some are not so good.

Specifically, other than personal experiences with them good or bad, if someone would tell me the bullet length of the 55 grain Varmint Nightmare (in the current boat tail version) I would appreciate it.

Yeah, I know......picky ol' fart, huh? Still, it is of interest to me.

Thanks in advance.
God Bless
I don’t have any experience with these. I intend to try them or the Missy USA dogtowns. I did notice that you can order a 30 piece trial bag.
Actually, no......I had not noticed that. Thanks for the head's up.
God Bless
Those are Hornady 2266 bullets bulk packaged by Midsouth. I use them in my 223 Rem. They are accurate and are a fairly tough bullet compared to other 55 grainers. Use Hornady load data for them and you'll be spot on.