ABLR 210 GR 30-06


Feb 18, 2020

Does anyone have experience hunting with ABLR 210 GR in 30-06?
I recently bought a lot of these bullets for $0,086 per, I bought them for target practice.
I hunt lead free most of the time, I am however considering using ABLR for hunting reindeer.
Just looking for any input.

8,6 Cent?
That's a steal!
I hunt lead free, too. But before I'd use them for paper, I would make another hunter happy. You will surely find someone to replace them 1:1 (or 1:1,5) with target bullets.

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I live in Norway, and our "cabelas" type store has been going through a rough time so they are getting rid of a lot of stuff. 4.2 cent per 12 3/4 steel 2 shot ammo aswell. Really insane prices.

I have tried to exchange with the few local shooters, and none of them wanted to trade even at a 1:1 ratio for target bullets, most of them barely shoot, just the 30+5 shots for our yearly proficiency test then whatever they use while hunting.

It does seem silly to use good hunting bullets for target shooting, altho that is most likely what I will use them for.
I might use them for reindeer, I am not sure how they perform at sub 100 yard ranges, might be a bit rough.
I would not worry about performance below 100m, since they are rather heavy for the 30-06. So impact-speed will be ok.
Greetings from somewhere south of you! Looks like there are some European around

Btw: I could ask if someone wants to trade. No idea if shipping bullets is a problem, though

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Oh, I just read where you are from.
You may have the store "XXL" in your country aswell then.
The wind will most likely be calm tommorow so I will test them on 800-1200-1800 meters.
I would have to shoot over 2 villages for that distance here :)
Not sure if they stay super-sonic (rather doubt it) that far out, so you might run into precision problems.

Let us know how they perform.
No xxl stores here

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Sounds like a steal! What powder are you going to use? What kind of velocity are you looking for? Keep us posted of your results.
I used Vihtavuori N560.
I was able to hit 800-1200 meters consistently, but not 1800.
I'll test more next week when I have free time.

They also seem really soft, so I will use another bullet for my reindeer hunting since that tends to be close.