Accurate Powders


Aug 11, 2022
I'm wondering if anyone is using any of the Accurate powders?
The reason I ask is the availability. I use 2520 in a 22-250 load and I'm going to attempt to work up a load in a No.1a 243 with 65 grain V Max bullets using Accurate 4064.
I've seen their powders and also Western brand at the last several guns shows here in SE and NE Pennsylvania available and the prices weren't bad.
Semper Fidelis
I’ve used a good bit of AA powders. Most was pistol powders. #’s 7 & 9 and a good bit of 5744 and the discontinued AA3100. I’ve also used 2015. I have had good results with all of them. I have never used 2520 but have always heard good reports about it.
5, 7, 9, magpro, lt30 and 1680 is in my cabinet of reloading choices. 1680 is for 45-70, 300bo and lt30 for 6.8spc. Magpro in 243win, 264wm and 300wm. 5, 7 and 9 for my pistols. 11fs will be added for 300bo and a few pistols.
I've recently worked with AA 4064 and AA 2495.

The 4064 was to work up a Garand load. I found it performed at least as well as the IMR 4064 I had been using, with the benefit of improved metering. Got fine accuracy at 47 and 48 grain charges under a 155 BTHP.

The 2495 I had also purchased as a possible Garand powder, but my rifle hated it, so I'm working on another use. Worked up a 5.56 load with the Hor 75HPBT and found my other use! Can't remember the charge offhand, but it was at or near Hornady published .223 data. Exceeded the accuracy of any load I have ever fired in this rifle having shot NRA and CMP-EIC matches with it and 3 different powders over the last 10 years.

2495 is also working well for a specialty load in 7.62x54R with a 123 gr .310 Vmax intended for the X39 round.

I found my lot of 2495 slightly faster than book data would indicate. Ran into mild pressure signs in .308 just shy of Max loads, and the 5.56 load chronos a bit higher than it should per data.
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