Alaska BON


May 26, 2012
Since the Alaskan Board Of Nursing is continuing to be slow in issuing nursing licenses and appears to be making things more difficult than they need to be I have once again pushed my scheduled departure date back.

I’m beginning to think my moving to Alaska may not happen. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for twenty plus years and they are acting like they are doing me a favor by issuing me a license. If they issue it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that once I get my license I’m going to plan on only being there long enough to tick off my bucket list. I’ll start in Kansas September 4 for a three month contract. Hopefully by then Alaska will reverse it’s rectal cranial inversion and issue me my dang license.

Bucket List:
Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear
Sitka Deer
Black Bear
Dall Sheep
Artic Grayling

That should keep a taxidermist busy for the time I’m there. I’m planning to take every hunting season off and should be able to do some fly in hunts so ticking off two or three species in a season shouldn’t be a problem. Alaska is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth as far as their professional licensing department goes.

Hang tough buddy. It will happen and you will be off to the races.

Boy this is a never ending saga you’re enduring. Hopefully they get their act together and process your license.
Here's wishing you soon success in acquiring your license and starting your adventures. Dan.
Been on the phone with the two court records departments that I paid to have my court records sent to the Alaska Board Of Nursing.

Alaska is saying they haven’t received the documents but I have my bank records saying I paid for the documents to be sent to the Alaska Board Of Nursing so somebody dropped the ball somewhere.

It may not be Alaska that I need to be mad at but seeing as how both of these misdemeanors happened before I became a Registered Nurse, and in both cases there is no record of the offenses having occurred according to both courts, I should have just lied and said they didn’t happen. It seems honesty doesn’t pay.

Yes, I have two misdemeanors from my misspent youth but this is getting ridiculous. Two separate incidents and different agencies. Dog off a leash and Disorderly Conduct were the charges. Why is Alaska making a federal case of it? Arizona didn’t have an issue with it and the federal government didn’t have an issue with it as I was issued my RN license and hired by the US. Justice Department post conviction?🤬

Honesty really doesn’t seem to pay.
Vince those misdemeanor should have disappeared long ago. Someone is pulling your third leg.
Maybe a letter of reference/ recommendation would help.