Anyone finding LR primers for sale?

Cabela's Missoula Montana: I was just in there and they are selling Federal 210 Match primers for $10.00 and a bit more for 100 primers. The small pack! Wow.
OMG! I didn't know percussion caps were going that high. I have plenty of caps squirreled away. I only use real black powder and I doubt I’ll ever have to buy another cap or pound of BP in my lifetime.
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Hit the jackpot today. Went with a buddy to pick up his gun from gunsmith and they had Winchester Large Rifle primers for $69/brick. I bought 2. To top it off, they had Nosler Accubonds in 30 caliber 180G for $49/box. I thought that was pretty fair in today's high prices.
That is a good deal without the shipping and hazmat fees. The deal is sweet, cheaper than the online stores. (y)
So, again I checked ammoseek and there's a list of many large rifle primers there (both magnum and non). #34's, 250's, 8 1/2's, 9 1/2's and federal and there's ginex if you want.
I just drove from Salt Lake City Utah to Southern WV and stopped at multiple shops along the way. Saw some small pistol , small rifle and a few Cheddite 209 primers but no large rifle of any kind. Lots of common powders on the shelves.
My primer shortage has been resolved, thanks to a tip from @ReloadKy , who lives nearby. Our LGS got a good supply of Fed 210GM and 215GM recently, and at reasonable prices for today's market ($102.99 / $112.99). I took a long lunch and picked up 2 bricks of 210's. I'll grab another brick of WLR's or CCI's when I find them at a reasonable price, but this was a good find. Not that I was out (yet), but I didn't want to get stuck. Good luck to everyone who's still looking.
I stopped by my local Fleet Farm yesterday and they have 205M and 210M on the shelf. They are a little proud of their price though , $11/100.