Best Group

Bruce Mc

Oct 26, 2005
I went out this morning to shoot three rifles. My 220 Swift and my 22-250 I was just shooting to form brass for future projects. Factory stuff for the 250 and cheap bullets with the Swift. I was also trying out the new Jard trigger I installed in the No 1 Swift. If you have a No 1, you should give the Jard a look. The only serious business was getting the Model 70 Featherweight .270 ready in case it gets called up this season. I started out with my fav 130 Partition load and frankly speaking I couldn't get a decent group. I just couldn't get better than an inch. I had some 150 Partition I loaded a couple of years ago so I gave them a try to see where they would group compared to the 130s. Well I don't know if it will repeat in the future or it was just the perfect storm but it's the best group out of the Featherweight, ever.20230717_091113.jpg
We;;, if that wouldn't tag a whitetail or a mulie, there is something wrong with the hunting world. Let's hope that isn't a fluke, though it is encouraging enough that it is hard to imagine that it would produce a "terrible" group at a later time.