Birthday trip.


Dec 13, 2013
Took a couple of days and drove down to SE Oregon for Catherines Birthday. spent two days exploring Steens mountain and Malhure wildlife refuge. I didn’t get two many pictures as I misplaced my phone. Thankfully it slid back out from under the seat towards the end of the trip. Vistas like these make me think I need to learn to shoot pics like Guy.


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Beautiful country. Happy Birthday to Catherine.

Happy Birthday to the young lady! I hope to one day experience all the sights this nation has to offer.
Fuel was a little expensive;


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Happy Birthday to your lady. That is certainly some lovely country.
Fuel cost are 2x from what they were 2 years ago.
I don't like it but it isn't going to stop me from going where we want to go.
You both had an awesome trip!

Happy belated birthday to your Wife. Also, thanks for sharing the pictures, to take pictures like Guy invest in a digital SLR camera, it's all about good lenses and pixels.
Oregon has a lot of very beautiful and potentially challenging country. The Steens Mountain is a very unique area always worth the trip.


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Happy Birthday to Catherine. That looks like a beautiful way to celebrate. Dan
Exploring SE Oregon, with its breathtaking landscapes like Steens Mountain and Malheur Wildlife Refuge, must have been truly memorable. Even though you temporarily misplaced your phone, the memories you made are irreplaceable. If you ever decide to delve into photography like Guy (possibly referring to a skilled photographer), there are plenty of resources and tips available to help you get started. Capturing the beauty of your adventures could add another layer of enjoyment to your trips. I share your enthusiasm for discovering the top things to do in various places. It's a fantastic source of inspiration for future adventures.
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It sounds like you both had an incredible celebration exploring SE Oregon, especially Steens Mountain and Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Those landscapes are simply breathtaking, and I'm sure the vistas left you in awe.Losing your phone temporarily can be quite an adventure in itself, but I'm glad it made its way back to you towards the end of the trip. Capturing moments like these can be truly rewarding, and you're right – learning to take photos like a pro can help you preserve those memories.If you ever decide to plan another trip or want more travel inspiration, is a great place to explore.
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It's great country, been going down there since I was a kid, my little sister married a rancher with land on the Alford side, my niece married into a family with ground on the west side. I'm golden😁