Brass That is Getting Tired


Mar 23, 2017
Spent some time today killing some paper with the 223. I needed to finish off a box for some brass for my next bullet to try. This was a proven load with RL12 with Federal 62gr Fusions. I decided to try for a 40 shot group.
After a while you lose your bearings on your point of aim when it is shot up. However I was getting some flyers. Well later I was depriming the brass and notice some necks were splitting or showing creases in the necks.
When this brass was new 4 pieces out of the bag were showing signs of splitting. Called Winchester up and they sent me a RGA label to send those 4pcs back to them. They cut me a check for the full value I spent on the bag. In fact I have several 100 Winchester cases I use for free because of issues with their brass. At least they stand behind their brass.
Back to today , this was the 8th firing on this brass with annealing each time. I culled 13 pcs today bring me down to 65 of the original 100.
At least the cost of brass hasn't been the issue:)
If I am going to do a large group, I will add or take away 2-3 MOA, so my aiming point is not destroyed
I’ve had very consistent results with Lake City brass with regards to accuracy. It has also provided some fairly impressive reload mileage. I bought 1000 pieces from Grafs a few years back and have 11 firings on 250 of those cases. All shot from 2 AR-15’s I built. One 24” nitride barreled and the other a fluted stainless 20”. Even though it’s not match brass I’m a little anal about prep and documenting the number of loads. I also fire all 250 rounds before loading any of them again.
Its hard brass with the exception of necks and shoulders, which I anneal after 3 loadings. I FL size and load with Redding dies. They aren’t max loads but are loaded to 5.56 pressure and used for hunting and range time alike. I don’t usually load plinking loads. I always catch my brass even though it’s a semi auto. Theres a light mesh catch bag that straps to the rifle. It fits over the ejection port. That way I don’t have to police my brass.
Took the 223 out today along with the 35 Whelen and 416WBY. Doing some work with 55gr TTSX Barnes , no groups just some powder tests. However I grabbed my box of 70gr VLDs to pass some time rotating with other rifles. I’ve been shooting free recoil with this rifle lately and I think it helps.
3shot group
5shot group
Good stuff. I often find myself being a "good enough" sort of shooter, but it sure is nice printing tight groups like that.
Good stuff. I often find myself being a "good enough" sort of shooter, but it sure is nice printing tight groups like that.
I recently past 1200 rounds in this rifle and I believe it’s in it’s prime now. This rifle loves RL12 for some odd reason. The load with the 70gr Bergers is with Varget ,it’s other favorite.