Cast loading


Mar 23, 2017
Last night I worked on loading the 60 pcs of Winchester brass I got for the 375. I got some 255gr polymer coated bullets for T&B Bullets and some Lee loading equipment from Midway. I did the normal prep to brass debur flash hole , uniform primer pocket , and prepped case mouths. Not knowing how old the brass is I annealed the shoulders so no splitting on fireforming. I used a Lee universal expander to set a slight bell on the case mouth. Next up was sizing the bullets to .376” with a Lee bullet sizer , lubed them up with a little Lee Alox and punched them through. I’m using 20grs of Blue Dot and Fed 210 primers with this bullet. Charged , seat , and crimped with Lee crimp die. Fired a few and cases look good. 20 grs is running 1560’s fps.
I love running cast through my 375 and 416 rifles.
Of late I've been using IMR 7383 because its bulky and I have a bunch of it.
I run a 270 gr.cast bullet in my Ruger #1 H&H using H4350. The load is used fo practicing rapid reloads. The load it potent enough one could use it for hunting.
Paul B.
That would make for a good brush load for WT deer. What hardness are these cast bullets?

I don't think I've ever loaded , or shot , a cast bullet in a rifle .
Neither have I. Cast bullet are hard bullets unlike jacketed bullets, it sure will go very deep. I won't pass up on those type of bullets if i was hunting big game up north or in Africa. Good stuff.
At 14-15 bhn you should be able to get 1500 to maybe 1600 fps out of them. As long as they fill the bore completely they shouldn’t lead the barrel at those velocities. That would be a nice shooting hunting load for pretty much anything 150 yards or less.