Difference between nosler and hornady brass for 338


Sep 20, 2020
I’ve been having pressure issues with my 338 win mag. 250 gr Partition bullets, hornady brass, federal 215 primers and reloder 22. Even with starting loads I’m getting serious pressure signs. I suspect the hornady brass hold less powder but was hoping someone may have some data or info. I also have some new Winchester brass as well to use.
I have found the Nosler brass gives less FPS than win/weatherby brass and even more so the Hornady brass. Hornady brass has given me the most FPS on several different rifle cartridges and Nosler the least. I have not had any pressure problems with it and my loads are max loads for hunting. Same exact data and specs for all the loads except the different brand of brass
You didn’t mention how much jump. Any chance you are against the lands?

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In 35 Whelen, Hornady weighs more than Nosler, and based on some loads that developed pressure signs, I think Hornady is a bit soft.
You have left out too much info to get a good response to your problem.
Different brands of brass have different H2O capacity which can affect pressure.
Until you find out what the H2O capacity is for each brand of brass you have mentioned fire formed in your rifle you can't expect a quality answer to your questions.
Nosler 338 Win brass fire formed in my Ruger Hawkeye had a 10 case average of 92.0 grs.
I'm sure brass fired in your rifle will be different.