Earned my Jr. gunsmithing merit badge today.


May 12, 2009
I have a a semi custom Rem 700 long action that hasn't panned out like I hoped so I was going to sell it; but, it has some components that I really like and would never get my money back from selling it. The rifle has a Kepplinger single set trigger and a 3-position safety. I have a short action Rem 700 in 22-250AI and a Rem Model Seven action that is to become my dream sage rat rifle. I wanted to transfer the safety and trigger to one of these. The short action would have been pretty easy but the Model seven not so much. I stripped all three bolts and started comparing components. I bought a firing spring compression tool and stripped the bolts all the way down. I decided the Model Seven would be worth a try even though many of the parts are not interchangeable. I did the trigger first. The Kepplinger trigger uses a Rem 700 housing but replaces a few parts and this particular trigger has the safety removed to use the Win 70 type 3 position safety. I needed to do a trigger swap 700 to 7. I was told they are not interchangeable - they are sort of. I had to change out the bolt release linkage and the 700 trigger fit right in - They share the same trigger housing but the peripherals are different. The model seven trigger needed the 700 bolt release linkage and the safety lever of the seven does not fit the 700 so it got changed as well. I never throw away parts. I bag and label them and store them by make;came in handy this time! Next up were the bolt shroud/safety swap. The Model Seven shroud had a flat side to let the safety function but since that safety had been removed it allowed the 3 position safety take up that space. The original 700 shroud was returned to the long action. So far so good. Originally the cocking piece and firing pin were altered on the long action for the 3 position safety. A 45 degree bevel is milled into the cocking piece and small bevel is cut into the firing pin allowing a 1/2 round pin to rotate in and lock up the firing pin. I thought this beyond my skill/tool level originally. When I KD'd the original work that was done by a gunsmith it looked like file and Dremel work and said to myself "I could have done better and I'm cheaper". I thought he would have used his mill. I swapped out the cocking pieces and marked the spot on the Seven's firing pin with a marker and ground out the bevel. After a few adjustments and polishing of the pieces the safety works smoother on my Seven than it ever did on my 700. The only thing left to do is drill a 1/8" hole into the back of the bolt that will allow the lock up of the bolt in the 3rd safety position. I don't have a drill press or I'd do it myself. All told it took me four hours and a 20$ tool. If I had to do it again it would take less than two hours. All three guns are back together and functioning except for the last little bit of drilling on the Model Seven.
My plan for the Model Seven is to build a 17x223 on it with PTG bottom metal that accepts AR15 mags. 2? inch Lilja barrel threaded for a suppressor. It'll have the set trigger and the 3 position safety and will probably end up in a Mcmillian/Bell&Carlson stock. I'll feed it 10 round mags all day long. 8)


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Nov 8, 2006
Next thing we know you'll be opening shop and turning out quality arms. Good job; it came out quite handsome. That is quite a bit of work to get through that. I'm impressed.


Aug 20, 2011
Good work Scott that money you saved will go towards another project I'm sure. Some of that stuff is really easy to take care of.


Aug 19, 2012
I really like those kepplingers buddy! I've had them on a few rifles, mostly coyote rifles. I also like that single set trigger on the CZs. As I get older (read stiffer, painful hands) I've found I need my triggers around 3# anymore. At the moment, I don't have any of those rifles anymore. But you are braver than I am, fooling with triggers...O my local gunsmith buddy is just a few miles away and I am spoiled, ha. Enjoy, few things in life are as sweet as a nice, light trigger break! :)