elevated box stands

Hi Jim, I went to the junk yard and found a couple barely used bench seats from
Mini vans. They sit might warm and if you need a nap.. you can hog the bench to yourself. I never insulated mine. The biggest mistake I made was leaving a mineral lick in it over the winter.. the mice got in and found it… took a couple seasons and some tin around the legs to keep them
From crawling in. Always took a can of wasp spray in in late august or early September in case I needed to evict anyone. Worse was hornets that built a nest on the back side of the door.. couldn’t get in without pissing them off… finally opened the door in daylight, took cover. Came back after dark and killed the hole nest without incident.

For insulation… consider a spray pack or foam board cut tightly to size.

In Michigan I could use close to a 1 # can a day. Was way nice to have a 20# tank and just take it in by quad before season starts.. take it and the heater out after season. I think the mice ruined on of my lil buddy heaters.