Federal 62grn Fusion VS deer


Jan 13, 2016
These are not my pics...but thought they would be good to add to the bullet testing forum. This one was recovered from a whitetail buck.

I picked up a bunch of these and plan to load them for use in my new CZ Carbine. I looked here for a performance report, but didn't find anything. These pics popped up on another forum during on of my searches. This little thing is a pretty good performer, and the bonding looks to be top rate. I'll be doing my own testing this spring when the water jugs aren't frozen.

that bullet looks great .

I know a guy that hunted with the fusion factory ammo in his 7mm-08 . he was well pleased with the results he got with this bullet .
bdbrown66":1rn0vnjo said:
Who makes that bullet?

Federal, and only in loaded ammo. From time to time you can find them as pull downs, which is what I purchased.
Those look very good, can't imagine any deer or hog is going to be able to survive one of those.
You can not ask for any better performance out of a bullet than that (y).

Those look great. I have a bunch of the 62 grn TBBC's in Federal ammo I plan on using in a CZ American for my daughter this year.
My daughter shot her first deer with the federal fusion 223 last fall, about 50yd full pass thru, nicked a rib going in and torn one apart going out the other side, I was impressed!