Federal Match Primers Showing Up!!

Bob in TX

Dec 3, 2004
I was at Sportmans Warehouse in San Antonio, Texas today. They got in a shipment of GM210M Federal Large Rifle Match primers. They also had a few boxes of the Barnes TTSX's in .284 and .308.

I am glad to see that. The Austin store got some in as well. They had 10 cases ( 1000 primers), I got 8 and took the last 5 GM205M they had. I hear the Dallas store got a shipment in as well, I will be going up for T-day and see if I can pillage them as well. I was able to get 50 cases of Federal at the Tulsa Gunshow in October and that was the first Federal I had seen in some time.

I was told Federal will be releasing limited # of primers back to the public, but they have contacts from the military to purchase everything they can produce thru 2010.

Just to be safe I developed some alternate loads using Winchester in case Federal disappears again.
The Sportsman's Warehouse here in Kennewick also had a few cartons of the Federal G210M primers available for the first time in recent memory. Still no Remington 7½ or any standard large pistol primers available locally, though.
Hopefully the supply line is starting to catch up with demand, otherwise, I will just have to save up and order a bunch from Powder Valley and eat the hazmat charges.
The Sportsman here in Austin has always had a steady supply of Winchester Rifle and Pistol both large and small. I don’t have too much heartburn using Winchester in place of Federal in my pistol loads, the difference in minimal, In some of my rifle load I can tell a big difference.

Yea I sure hate to order that stuff due to Haz Mat fee.

Now if I could get my Sportsman’s to keep bullets in stock I know there is no shortage of them, just Sportsman’s must up order system….I sure hate to drive down to Cableas when they are out!!!
Wish we had a SW in Cheyenne!
Gun capitol of the world and no gun shops! :(