first buck rub of the season

WOW, that's early Jim.
No polished horn here yet. Usually after Sept 1.
I'm anxious to see Funky 2.0 polished.
Also another big buck.



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Sure does get the blood moving to see all that. Makes me long for crisp air, frost on the leaves, and a good long nap in the blind while all the deer walk by...
39* this morning , probably drop a couple more . fall is in the air .
I heard a bull bugle a couple of mornings ago, surprised as it has been so hot. Just started raining this morning, coldest morning since mid June at 3000 ft. Haven’t found any deer rubs along our creek, think I’ll go look again.
Wednesday and Thursday mornings were 41* and by Sunday we’ll be in the mid 90’s🙁
sounds like my temps here . 39* was the low the other morning .yesterday was 43* for a low , it's 60* now . supposed to be upper 80's to low 90's for about a week , with no rain .
It is fall, with those wonderful crisp mornings warming to lovely afternoons that allow you to bask in the sun. Out for a quick drive yesterday, saw three black bears, probably six whitetail bucks, and at least three mule deer including one that was a brute with a wide spread on his antlers (near 33 inches, I'd estimate). Noah managed to drop a couple of blue grouse. Lovely morning before hustling home to engage in a full day or work.
With the polished horn and cooler temps, my shirt collars are going to start fitting a little snug because my neck is starting to swell up.
Tis my favorite time of year! :)