First upland hunt this season!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006



What a great afternoon with my dog!

Great pictures Guy! Love the over/under, and the dog! What shotgun is that? I've had my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever out the first time this year as well. We never got any pheasants but got 4 ducks jump shooting them off little ponds. Hazel did a great job. I need to get some pictures posted up.

I got real lucky on the shotgun last year.

It's an older (30+ years old?) Browning Citori 12 gauge, the "Clays" model. I like it. A little more "bling" than I would have chosen, maybe, but... It's nice and shoots well. Honestly think my Beretta semi-auto fits me better and I probably hit better with it, but this is good. I just need to get some more time afield with it.

Clark and I had a mighty nice afternoon.

Guy, one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was about 13 years ago :(.
My house was broken into & my Browning Citori was stolen :twisted: and it was Belgium made, I was advised that it would take 2 to 3 years to order one in. Anyways I got this crazy idea and asked if I could order a left handed SBE-ll which they agree to anyways I do like the Benelli but now that I am strictly hunting Upland I regret not replacing my Citori every time out :cry:.
I am now in the process of selling a couple of rifles & will be replacing my Citori :wink:

PS. My 6 month old little Flat-coat did her first retrieve this past Sunday we had a hoot (y)



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Here is her 1st Rooster & he was a runner :wink:. If you could have seen the look on her face when she went to pick him up and he took off running :mrgreen:.

Photo problem hope this works :shock:
Could someone explain why they keep telling my the file is to big & how do I correct it :roll:.


As much as some folks here will not understand this, I actual enjoy bird hunting, both upland and waterfowl, more than big game hunting. Glad you, Dan, David and 100 remington man was able to do so.

In reference to dogs, do any of you have a Boykin ? Cheyenne swears by those dogs and she uses her s for both upland and waterfowl, plus she says it is a great blood tracking dog. She says unlike some dogs we had that it is a quiet dog as well as small and can take it in the plane, sled and canoe. She says not all breeds of dogs are good canoe dogs, as they get to wound up it they see a bear or whatever. I never had one but always had a dog of some type
good for you Guy and others as well. Bird hunting is a lot easier and cheaper for us than big game so we spend more time hunting birds each year than big game. We do not have a bird dog but some of the people w hunt with have them. We are considering joining a group that leases land for duck hunting.

Nice shotgun Guy