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Dec 13, 2013
I’ve been doing some work on my number 1s. Pretty well done with the .22/250;
Pretty well done as of today with the .257 Roberts. Installed a Jard Trigger and a Hicks accurizer. The rifle was an honest one inch, inch and a quarter kind of shooter before the upgrades.
loaded six rounds at 43.5 gr. H380 The rifle had never gone more than three rounds with out walking up and to the right. My thoughts were to fire three, if the group looked ok I would chrono the next three. First three landed due east of point of aim. Dang, slight correction to the 2.5 x8 fired three more. I”m done searching for a load. I’ve called the boys at Hammer they think they can round up a few more of the 92 grain Hunters for me. The heck of it is 100 grain ballistic tips have to date shot better than the Hammers.
I’ve got the new trigger in the 275 Rigby and that has helped. I’ve just about completed the in-letting for the Hicks, we will see how she does next week
I have the Hicks added to the 300 HH but she is still just a 3/4 to One moa rifle. But now she no longer strings as she get hot. Also looking like she’ll now shoot anything to about one moa and the same relative point of impact.
375 doesn’t need anything. Three shots touch almost anytime I shoot her.


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You're in good shape with that load in the Bob. Should handle about anything you'd want to hunt down there.
Nice shooting!
That 'll do!
Looks like you have these No.1's figured out!

I picked up a Ruger No.1A in 257 Roberts with some really pretty wood on it.
Then I was able to find a gloss Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40 to mount in some low blued Ruger rings.
Finally have it all together now, and am waiting for a nice, smoke-free day to head out to the range and try it out with the Nosler 110 gr AccuBond ammunition...
I also have some Federal Premium 120 gr Partition and +P ammunition to try too.
If I need some help with the Hick's Accurizer, I'll definitely send you a message!
And then onto the 1S in 218 Bee...
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Was the Hick's accurizer a straight forward installation or do they have some quirks.
Was the Hick's accurizer a straight forward installation or do they have some quirks.
It is pretty straight forward, been a bit of a learning curve but no disasters. My 22.250 was first and I destroyed the fitting in the stock the bolt goes through. Ruger sent me two of them for free. Installed the new one shallower in the forend with a little bedding compound, Worked just fine.
second was the 257 Roberts. I was worried about this one as it has the thinnest foreend. Did not hit the fitting. PIcs are from the 300. Just barely hit the fitting but not enough to damage it. You can probably see the remanents of modeling clay. I’ve been practicing using the clay so I can bed the front end of the spring hanger/hicks. In all three cases I’ve taken too much wood out. The rifles don’t seem to mind but doing so won’t hurt. As you know achieving a mechanical lock with bedding compound is very easy to do with a number 1. I just want to make sure I get my damns right.
I used a combination of a 3/8 router bit and my Dremmel tool.
The frutrating part was getting the inletting deep enough to get the forend to mate up against the receiver. Take a little out and try again kind of thing. Does help with getting just enough free floating on the barrel.


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Are there any good videos out there on this process ? I have quite a few #1’s. A few still unfired that I may play with the trigger on.
The trigger was pretty easy except for the final adjustment. Had trouble with my fat farm fingers getting it adjust before the lock tight set up.