Oct 23, 2006
I just picked up my second Glock. A G20...


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You're really getting into the swing of this Glock thing. Good for you.
Excellent choice.
Mine is my favorite pistol.
Lone Wolf makes good stuff.
Watch out. The darn Glocks multiply. :grin:
Now you'll probably need a G 29.
Was it on here or another forum that showed a pistol with plastic grips after the family dog used it for a chew toy? Careful storage is important;-))
I've added the 6" KKM,a trigger job and a Burris Fast Fire III to mine. With 16 rds of 10mm I don't think I'm undergunned for just about anything.
I've had more fun with my 10mm (Glock 40 MOS) than I've ever had with a handgun in my life...I'm really liking that thing.
I know this is an older thread but the Gen 4 Glock 20 - I looked at one with my wife the other day and she said I'll get that for your Xmas present . !!!!!
I would like the 40 MOS.

I sold a Glock 20 to my bro about 6 years ago and miss having it around.....
My 40MOS eats ammo like my teenage kid eats groceries.

Sometimes I wish I'd gotten the 20 for a little shorter overall handgun. I guess maybe I might need one?

I think it's never a wrong decision to own a 10mm, though. It's just cool. People can dog it all over the web, but at the end of the day, 10mm's are cool. ;)
My G40 is the best pistol I've ever owned, no other pistol has ever been so much fun for me.

My first season hunting with it didn't go so well, but that is not the guns fault.

I'd like to have G20, and may get one eventually, but I wouldn't give up my G40 for a truck load of them.
I'm currently sitting with a 9mm XDs for carry, a (mostly) GI1911 in 45ACP for fun/range, a Smith & Wesson 57-1 in 41 Mag (6") for hunting and because a revolver is essential, and the G40 to carry for hunting protection. I can't hunt with it in PA, unfortunately.
I now have my G40 and purchased a KKM 7" barrel. I've put an Optic sight on it and this week end will be the first shooting it in this configuation.
Just got a G20 yesterday. I have a few AK trips planned and wanted a new handgun to pack in case of bear issues. This one seemed to be the best balance of power, weight, price, and features to me. Runner up was a S&W 69 or 10mm 1911. I might still own both someday but the Glock will be the "beater" gun for these hunts. I'm considering night sights and a KKM barrel. I ordered a couple Razco holsters to fit the G20 with my TLR-1 Streamlight on the rail. One will fit with my FHF bino harness and the other is a chest rig for when I don't have the harness. I also have a leather paddle holster for when I just have the gun and no light. So far only 32 rounds through it but I like it. It is very controllable and seems accurate. I don't love the feel or trigger of the Glock compared to 1911's or revolvers, but it doesn't seem to hurt my accuracy.
I just got that G20 back from my brother and a little cleaning and its back as my woods carry here in Idaho. Still has that 6" KKM on it.
Just ordered this.

XD(M) 5.25" 10mm

My G20 eats JHP or Underwood Extreme Penetrator ammo fine but has issues with hardcast. Its at the gunsmith now. I tried several things including a KKM barrel and 22lb recoil spring but it still doesn't want to feed. Maybe he can figure out the issue. It seems strange to me that any barrel/spring combo will feed the JHP without fail, no jams in 400 rounds total. Neither can make it halfway through a mag with 200 or 220gr Underwood or Buffalo Bore. Double tap ammo was back-ordered when I tried to get some 200 and 220gr Hardcast in it.