Happy with my 788.


Mar 6, 2017
Put on here about 2 weeks back that I traded a FN Mauser I had picked up in 300 WM with a short 22" barrel, for a clean 788 in 308 Carbine.

Had to wait a bit because I discovered someone had put the wrong rear guard screw in it. Thankfully it was smaller diameter so even though it was obviously the wrong thread pattern, it was just grabbing with the outer edge of the threads so it didn't mess up the original threads any. Got the right screw for it and tested it out.

No load work up. Done some reading and among the many favorite loads for 308, when using Varget the general consensus seems to be 46 grains with a 150 gr bullet will work.

Loaded up 5 with some 150 gr Sierra GK's I have, and 3 with 150 gr Hornady Interlock flat bases. Both loaded to mag length of 2.800.

Used 2 of the 5 GK's to bore sight at 50 yds and make scope adjustments. Shot the remaining 3 at 100 yds and kept them all inside the dot at just over 1" group. Shot the 150 Interlocks and the same thing. All inside the dot at just over 1" group. I like guns like that.....can be made to be better but shoots consistent right out of the gate.

I'm gonna try to help it by replacing the cheap rings and scope that's on it, but no time before hunting season. I'm gonna test yet with H4895 just in case that faster powder shows improvement with the short 18" barrel, but other than that she's ready to load up and go kill stuff.
Those 788 shot better than they had any reason too. I haven’t seen one that wouldn’t shoot great. I had one in 308 that was an honest sub moa gun for 5 shots every time.
I had a 788 chambered in 6mm Rem. that was probably the most accurate rifle I ever owned. I'd give a mint to have it back.

Had the exact same gun, and like yours it was a shooter. Sold it during a tight time of money during the Obama years. Wasn't sold because I wanted to or in a moment of weakness, just was what it was at the time. Didn't want to sell it and would've liked to have it back ever since. Biden's economy is putting a hurting on me just like Obama, but I'm in much better shape this time around. Don't plan on letting go of any guns that I don't want to.

Those 788 shot better than they had any reason too. I haven’t seen one that wouldn’t shoot great. I had one in 308 that was an honest sub moa gun for 5 shots every time.

I picked up the littermate to this one a yr or 2 back........788 Carbine but in a 7mm-08. With no load work up and using a load that worked well in two other 7-08's it put 5 shots under 3/4" at 100 the first time out and proved to remain very accurate on a couple subsequent tests. Amazingly easy to be a really good and reliable shooter.

This one has cheap rings on it that look and feel plastic. I'm sure they're not, but they're cheap. Has an old Simmons 3-9 scope of some sort that has an annoying amount of parallax at 50 yds but seems fine at 100. Those things are gonna get replaced which should also help it, but for now I'm gonna hunt it the way it is.
Is your 308 a 22" or a 18" barrel.
Both powders should work great.
With 155's I am running 46.5 grains of H-4895 with a CCI primer with a MV of 2555 (15.75" barrel)

18.5" barrel.. 46.5 is probably a little hotter with H4895 than I'd want to run in this but I'm figuring on trying that powder if the weather cooperates in the next day or 2.

I didn't chrono it yet but just based on calculations I'd say handy 2730 with Varget. I'll see if H4895 does better or worse as far as group, then I might chrono it out of curiosity.
Roger that.
In my set-up, it ran in summer heat with sustained shooting for a two day match
bought a 788 LH 6mm used years ago, it will be the last thing I sell. was bedded with silacone and the stock was soft from oil, put a richards microfit on it, shoots awesome!
Great looking 788 Ridge Runner! (y) That was my one gripe against them if you can call it that.....they come with as plain a stock as you can get, but at least it's wood, not plastic. In my opinion even today they are in budget rifle price ranges and you get way more rifle than current budget rifles as far as quality of parts.

I really like the balance and feel of both of my carbine models. They keep that heavy contoured stiff barrel, just shortened. Makes for a short handy rifle that to me is not too barrel light, just feels very point able and balanced. I'm also surprised how little this rifle kicks for a 308......the 788's I've shot before were all smaller caliber so very little kick, I've shot some 308's that feel pretty stout in the recoil department, not this one.