IHMSA silhouette


Dec 16, 2009
Had the opportunity to shoot one of these matches today. What a hoot! I think I found a new challenge. Was a pretty informal local match, but was IHMSA sanctioned. I don't think anyone shot a registered score today, too much rust to shake off.

I ran my stock .41 mag Ruger Bhawk in Field pistol and Big bore. Decided to just go for the gusto and shoot both from the standing position. I managed a pretty respectable hit percentage on the closer pigs and chickens on both stages. Turkeys frustrated me in both. Connected about 50% on the rams at 100m in field pistol, impressed myself with that, having never fired this pistol at that kind of distance. Then I tried to take on the 200m rams. Wow, what a challenge, and what a feeling of accomplishment when I figured it out! Missed the first 10, then ran another 10 off the record trying to figure out how to hit them. Toppled the 4th and 5th with clean hits, game on! Hit the last 4/5 with about a 5'holdover and a little Kentucky. Little drop on the .41 Noslers at that distance!

If you like playing with the big wheel guns, single shot pistols or even .22 revolvers and autos, this game is a hoot! Check it out!