Let's see those long-range hunting rifles!

I feel bad saying this, especially on this forum, but I'm not impressed with the 26, 28, 33, maybe a 41 Nosler compared to John Lazzeroni's cartridges. Just my opinion though. I've had my Warbird for almost 10 years. I just replaced the pencil thin barrel with that Proof barrel. PROOF was excited to see how well it would perform. As you can see , it does well. Barrel life will be short, but I'm not shooting it much. It's a hunting rifle.

I spun up another one for my dad using a #5 contour and it shoots a sub MOA as well.

He pounded this guy 2 weeks ago in New Mexico

My wife thinks I only have 3 guns
You are correct in stating that they are hard on barrels, waveslayer.
Went out for a hike again today. Actually anytime it’s not raining, and this fall we’ve had over 9" of rain, I’m out hiking….. with my gun in my hand, and my preferred choice is the DD MK12! Why you might ask?

Well, a 20 round magazine, although a little long for prone shooting, still good protection. It’s just heavy enough to give my arm(s) a workout while carrying it around…. Ok, but for the Wolves, and I have a beef with them! No Elk or Deer hang out anymore! I used to see them hanging out munching on the various grasses and Forbes I planted for a health diet, high in protein, but not to shoot, just see them doing well! And I don’t shoot big game on my property!

I used to love watching them chasing each other around, Bulls in the rut that would wake me up at night in my sleep. The sight of them every night in the headlights running around...That has been gone for two years now! Well the Wolves, they’ve put a real dent in the lives of the Elk, and Deer, and what I used to enjoy seeing everyday! No more though, and that's truly sad!

Ok, I don't hunt much anymore because of the pressure on them! I’d say thank you to all the average stupid people that thought that was a great idea, and I'd reply back by saying go bite yourself! 'Casue you have your head up your stupid ass because you don’t hang out with the wildlife to know any better!

Yah, I'm in my mood that dumb people well are just ignorant, and uneducated, which I'm not! And if anyone wants to go toe to toe with me well they’d lose on both their stupidity and their high horse they're riding on when I pull them down off there, and stomp them into the dirt!

Ok, back to our regular paid programing: Here's a single cold bore shot, and this time I didn't have my range finder, but this gun has been so successful that I figured since I knew the area well enough, and the guesstimation, 600 + yards downhill at over 10-12 degrees, which BTW will not only give you an instant back ache, but the blood rushing to your head to cause..... well issues?

I only sent one round downrange because I had no hearing protection! Wow, I would have thought being outside, open timber, but the flash hider……. really, hider what? Not my ears! Ok, one round 600+ yards and a near center hit even with a few grass steams covering the target.


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This will be my supressed long range hunting rifle moving forward. I put a 20 moa rail on it. I've got it pretty much dialed in now.


6 shot 100 yard group 168 amax

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Excellent! That's putting the bullet where it belongs. Yeah, the rifle shoots well enough, and the rifleman ensures that it performs as it should.