Leupold MK4 8.5-25 TMR


Nov 17, 2005
So I bought one of these scopes from Midway about 2 months ago. They were on sale for $1000. I've always wanted one so I figured now was the time to get one at that price. It has the TMR reticle in it. It sits on my 7-300 win mag which I use to shoot out to 1400 yards currently. I was planning on shooting out to a mile and 2000 yards with the new scope since I could use the reticle and the come ups. My old scope was a VX3 LR 6-20x with fine duplex and topped out at 1400 yards on come ups. Now this is where I'm not very happy. If you look at the TMR reticle substensions, it shows they have 10 MIL hash marks. The box it came in, also shows the 10 MIL hash Mark's. Well my scope DOES NOT have the 10 MIL hash Mark's. My buddy's 4-14x MK4 has the 10 MIL hash Mark's. Does anyone have an 8-25x MK4 that could give me some insight on this? Leupold is giving me the run around, I called twice and talked to 2 different guys each time, and they talked at me like I was a newbie and didn't know anything about scopes. Now I've been a Leupold fan my whole life, along with my whole family. We live in Oregon, and they're out of Oregon. Never had any issues with their scopes. However, I've heard and read about all the horror stories lately with their products and customer service. I am not impressed with the customer service at this point, and I would like an answer from someone who knows more about their scopes, than they do. Because from all of my research, it should have the 10 MIL hash marks. I took a couple pictures and sent to them last week, their email said itd take 1-3 days to get back to me and that was 5 days ago. So I'll post the pics here and you guys tell me what you think. Any info is greatly appreciated. Doesnt matter if it's on 8x or 25x, still no 10 mil hash Mark's. The way I see it, even if it did have them, you wouldn't be able to see them as the outer edge of the posts is 7 at most 8 MILS

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Like you I have never had any problems with them, hope that you get it worked out.
Unless I’m seeing something differently you have 10 mils top to bottom but only 5 mils of usable reticle for holdover.

I was once a Leupold guy but there are so many other optics out there now that give you more for your money without the headache. Their CS is in the tank in my book.
From what I was able to find (Post from 2008), on scopes where the max magnification gives you a filed of view of less than 20 Mils, they don't put the Hash Marks on the reticle. Even though you would be able to use them at a lower power on a FFP scope, they probably leave them off for the same reasoning as a SFP Scope. SFP having to be at the highest magnification to range or hold over with them would make them useless.
I got an answer I was looking for from Sean at Leupold. Took 3 people to get 1 guy that knew what I was talking about, and what he was talking about He called me from his home and we spoke a good 45 minutes, said he would dig into it the next day at work, which he did and called me back. Basically he said you're just not going to see them in a higher powered second FP scope. Wish I wouldve known that before hand. Kinda screws up my whole 1 mile and 2000 yard ideas I had in mind... My friends 4-14x MK4 2nd FP has them, but my other buddy's 6-20x MK4 2nd FP doesnt, and my 8-25x MK4 2nd FP doesnt, which would prove his statement. He did say the higher magnification 1st FP scopes would be visible, obviously since the reticle changes size as you increase or decrease power. Hope that makes sense to you guys. I'm still a die hard Leupold fan. Never had any issues with their scopes in 30 years, and I love this 8-25x MK4 otherwise.