Little Range Time 1-27-24


Mar 23, 2017
Had to go to town this morning so I grabbed a few rifles and stopped at the range on the way home. The weather was nothing special misty and breezy , it’s still January I’ll take it. There was 6” of slush to walk through.
First up was zeroing the 243 Win. CFP pistol. I did learn quick that I have to come up with a more stable firing position. Got it on target and shoot a couple groups with the 70gr BTVs. Best one below.
Next was the 338WM that I fire lapped the barrel and loaded some more 250gr GS. The is an improvement but the trigger monkey put the second shot a little low opening the group over an inch. The other 4 shots make a reasonable group.
Last was the 375 Wby with it’s new stock was the best of the 3. The H S stock has allen screws that you center the barrel in the channel with. I’m going to give it some time and check after 50 rounds to see if I’m getting any movement in the stock.
Nice shooting Rick.
The 375 Wby is ready for some action.

What is your rest set-up with the 243 Win CFP?
I started out with the Bullsbag on the Milwaukee box that I store my Magnetospeed in. With the mist in the air the plastic box was slick and the bag slid all over. I lent up shooting a couple groups off of my front rest instead by balancing it with my hand on top of scope. I have a Lyman bag jack on order but not here yet. Hopefully that will work better. All else fails I’ll go with the bipod and brick bag setup that works with my Striker. There is a sling stud at the bottom of the handgrip that I worry it would chip out around it when stud is removed.
Loving the 375 WBY!
Great cartridge!
And a ballistic twin to the 375 H&H AI.

Was seriously considering these when the 376 Steyr came out, and it was different enough and seemed more practical for North American game, that I went this route with my 375 larger than my trusty ol' 375 Win.
A good friend has the Ruger No.1 in the 375 H&H AI, it too is a pleasure to shoot. Clover leaf groups consistently with scope and open sights.