Model 94 Big Bore 375 Win

Know a fellow who has one or did and he liked it. How's the availability of finding reloading components or factory shells for it? Dan.
I had a couple, making a complete set of Big Bore 94s. It is a great round that works quite well on moose and black bear. I still have three .356 Wins and a .307 Win. I really enjoy the Model 94. If I was the other side of the line, I'd be tempted to snatch it from under your nose. Prices have gone high, but I would still be open to a good deal.
Fun rifles to own, carry, hunt and shoot!
Have owned a few over the years, along with my Marlin 375S. I have taken a number of moose and black bears over the years, as well as my first caribou. Mild mannered and carries a thump on game out to approx. 120 yards. Will always have one!
Winchester did finally made a run of ammo a few years ago. And HSM makes ammo loaded with the 200 gr Sierra bullet.
Brass isn't always too hard to find, but the bullets can be a challenge, as Hornady quit making the 220 gr FP. Sierra does make the 200 gr FP and can be found from time to time.
I remember handling one of these(or a marlin, dont rememebr) back in the 90's that was on the used rack at the LGS and have always had that in my mind. I like the 1895 405WIN Fotis just got, and there is one local also, but the lack of components or ammo caused me to pause on that.

Sounds like a great find, depending on the price.
I dont think its a deal yet (its a bit higher then gunbroker prices) and I'm still deciding if I want to have the conversation, he has had it listed for a little while now so doesn't hurt to ask.
How's the availability of finding reloading components or factory shells for it? Dan.
I did a quick search and nothing in stock right now but it does come with components enought to keep me in business for a while.
Sure looks new , previous owner took good care of it. Now you can put that thumper to work.
I named my Marlin 375S "Thumper" shortly after getting it and shooting the first bears and moose with it, as the critters "thumped" the ground when shot with it! Critters usually travel straight down when that 200 gr bullet is placed in the right spot! :cool:
Nice part is that it does not "thump" at both ends!
I have a couple Marlin 375s years ago. Sold them.....big oops. Still have the dies, brass and plenty of bullets

Everything Marlin is crazy priced. Have a Marlin 336 sitting in the safe. JES Reboring is about 2 hrs away and will be driving by in a couple weeks as I go bear hunting. Keep thinking I should drop it off for a rebore to 375 Win