Modern ML Suggestions


Feb 5, 2022
I also have been shooting a knight disc since the late ninety’s. Before that I used a percussion, big time difference in how far you can shoot accurately. Mine has a nickel barrel which is nice as I am not that great about always cleaning it. I use both powder and the pellets and get good results with both. As far as bullets you should pick up a few different ones and se what works best in your gun. I was surprised at how the groups would differ between loads. Heavier bullets seem to work best in my gun. I have a good load that shoots great as far as I want to
shoot, about two hundred yards. Shot some nice bucks with it.


Oct 8, 2017
I shoot a 45 cal CVA Paramount. It very accurate with BH209 and a large rifle primer. Velocity is right at 2400 ft/s with a 280 grain ELR (I can still go up, but haven't tested if the accuracy is still there). The group at 100 yards was less than 1" with an SD of 11 ft/s.