New carry pistol...big change

I love this thing!

No idea of the exact round count, but plenty enough to say it's a solid little pistol built to shoot, regardless of any growing pains it had when first introduced.

This ain't a gimmick gun...

Estimated round count is somewhere between 500 and 1000, it has fired every time the trigger has been pulled... there is some "wear" on the frame rails, not really wear just the finish wore off.

When it was new racking the slide had a gritty feel to it, not anymore... pretty smooth now, not custom 1911 smooth, but as smooth as any polymer pistol I ever handled.

No wear to speak of on the slide.... it's been pocket carried every day since I got it (a few months now) in a Sticky Holster.

No out of the ordinary wear on the barrel either... some slight marks where it contacts the slide, same as any other pistol that gets shot much.

As pocket pistols go...I give it a solid 9 out of 10, tritium sights would make it a 10....offered in 32 acp would make it a 12.