Ontario Bear Hunt


Dec 26, 2016
I haven’t called the RCMP yet to verify my firearms are still complaint with the revised Canadian firearms regulations.

1) 45/70 Government, 22” lever
300gn FP, red dot
2) Savage 111 30.06, 22” bolt
220gn RN, 1-6x with Illumination
3) Winchester m70 24” bolt
220gn RN. 1-4 with illumination

I think I’ll be ok with these choices.
At one time I thought I heard 45/70 was not allowed, but I think the twist was octagon barrels bigger diameter than allowed, but digging through the documents I found, I didn’t see a prohibition on 1895 45/70 Marlins.

My youngest son (28yrs) is going for hopefully his first black bear. He’s been out two times in Michigan UP, but score is Bears 2 vs Chris 0.

If anyone has first hand knowledge on the Marlin1895 status, please share and if prohibited, I’ll redirect to a 300 WM.

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