BlackHound optics?


Dec 26, 2016
Anyone know about these? Opinions?

They don’t do big box stores. Small LGS only.

Looking at picking up a 1-6x illuminated for an upcoming hunt. Youngest son coming.
Will be two weeks of bear and fishing.

Talked to the BlackHound rep.

They test all their scopes on a 50 BMG rifle.

I think that should handle a 300 WSM or 45/70.

If they are new enough no one has seen them, I’ll do a report.

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Never heard of those Mark. Let us know what you think.

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I'm not familiar with them. Where do they get their glass from? What kind of warranty do they offer?

I have never seen one or even heard of that company up here north of the 49th.
I look forward to hearing your report on them (y).

Mounting went fine. Initial sight in was a non-event. (2 clicks) They provide a 1 piece base that attaches to a rail(not provided).
Their kit included levels. I used my own..
It was assembled in China. I’ll call the rep when I get back from Canada. I’d assume the glass is Chinese, but will ask to report correctly. I hear the owner answers the phone. I used their website to ask a question and got a call back from a local rep. He lives about an hours drive from me. Will likely go break clays with him at some point.

My son will hunt it on his m70 300 WSM and assuming he gets his bear, I’ll get it out at dark to see how it does in low light. My 30.06 has a Leupold HD5 1-5.5 on it, so should be a fair comparison in low light.

Initial impression is positive.

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