Range Report


Dec 26, 2016
Been a while since I’ve posted. Just busy trying to get the house back to 100% post flood.

Got asked to help clean up a deer problem this weekend. I’ll have access to five tags. Will probably self limit to two given warm weather in Michigan.

One requirement is Bang Flop Kills.

Have four rifles/cartridges I thought to test.

Savage 30.06. Likes everything
Todays cold barre test at 100 yards 1-5x scope is Sierra ProHunter RN 180 gn. Over IMR4955 60.4 gn

Next up. Model 70 EWS 4-15x Steiner
NAB 180 gn over IMR4350 68.9gn
200 zero, cold barrel.

Next Marlin1895 45/70Govt
Hornady FTX 325gn over 49.1 gn RL7
100 zero scoped

Last choice Savage 243win Sierra GameKing HP 85gn, cold barrel 200 zero

Pictures attached
Was more than pleased. 3 we’re ready to hunt as is. 45/70 needed and adjustment, guesssing RL 7 might be a little more temp sensitive

Not over the fields but skinny lots next to fields. No 200 yard shots. All likely under 80 yards.

Past history, 300 WM dumped a 4 yr old buck in tracks in 2021. 243win with that load dumped 5 of 6. 6th was last and made it 45 yards.. the only one that had an exit wound. Was a little further out,(220 yards vs 80-150 on the other 5). Planning on high lung shots.


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Sharpen your knife 'cause any of those will work. If a bang flop is required then I suggest a neck shot. Im talking about where the neck joins the body. I use to employ that shot and nary a one ever moved a stepped but of course a high shoulder shot, as already mentioned will do the same thing. I guess both are kinda the same shot, maybe. LOL
First one in the freezer. Chris(son) passed on a couple early and at 1pm, he took a big Doe. My spot yielded bucks only. How many times do you wish for bucks and only get does.. about 10 am the neighbors showed up and started cutting the alfalfa field… so no more activity near me.

Chris was using the 3006 180 Sierra pro hunter over 4955(60.4gn). The doe made 15 feet before dropping. He hit high lung, off side shoulder. Entrance and exit wounds were good.

We’ll go back next weekend. I image he’ll keep using the 3006 until the ammo is consumed.(6 more rounds.. I can make more, have SPH and 4955.), at that point he might go to the 300 WM or 243. I won’t run out of 45/70g. I do have 50 150gn NBT loaded for that gun. That was flood ammo. A little hesitant to use it in a hunting situation and don’t want to hear click vs boom… but that 150 NCTBT is a solid round. I took a nice 8 point on a poor angle.. the bullet took out 6 ribs before separating.. the jacket hit the shoulder blade and deflected down the left leg, the core deflected cross body and exited the opposite shoulder leaving a pencil hole ..
Buck did a cool 270degree turn on his rear legs before dropping.. I wouldn’t recommend that shot I took… consider myself luck the broke bones shredded the lungs. According to my notes that was sun MOA as well.

Talking with the farmer… he raises Angus, small farm. 40 breeders 1 bull, and the corresponding feeders. He raises corn and alfalfa for feeding his herd. Small farmers are not wasteful.. so he has close to 1000 acres between, pasture, crops and wood lots. The deer completely wiped out a 12 acre parcel planted with corn… he’ll mention that one as it’s a whole measured parcel that he invested in to feed the herd, but lost the benefit to crop damage .. safe to say bigger fields are loosing effective acres. fortunately DNR is providing tags for damage..… so many don’t understand the plight of farmers who feed us…
There is a hunting ranch across from his farm… they don’t shoot does.. just big bucks.. so the ranch is the sanctuary for the feed munchers… I suspect I’ll have a couple years of chipping away at this… we do buy beef from him as well… the steaks and burger is great.. no antibiotics…