Prvi Brass??

I used it for Savage 303. It seemed fine. No issues with quality and the 303 shot great with it. Best IMO is more like Norma, Lapua.
I've used it for 8x57 and 7mm Mag. It won't be Lapua quality but it's very decent. I've had no issues with what I've used
I'm using it in 7.65x53 and have not found any issues (third loading). That said, I've never weighed the cases for consistency.
I've seen quite a few reports on Privi ammo and brass, most of it good and none of it bad. The only complaint I've heard of was sometimes you need to order a different shell holds if loading the 7x57 and 8x57. I have some Aussie 7x57 factory ammo that is loaded with Privi brass and I tried them in my normal 30-06 shell holder and they all fit just fine. The ammo is loaded with a 120 gr. HP monometal bullet. I haven't shot any as of yet so no idea on how well they will shoot in my rifle.
Paul B.
Good stuff. I've used it in 6.5x55 and 7-08. It's the only new brass I've used for my 7-08. Seems to withstand irresponsible doses of staball 6.5 and mag primers better than the once fired remington brass I had on hand. Nearing the third load cycle on the first 50 pieces I bought, we'll see how the primer pockets are faring. Just bought 150 more pieces. Their brass seems to be favorably comparable to most of our domestic manufacturers. I don't weigh cases or measure internal volume or worry about flashholes, I'm loading for hunting rifles. I have worked up some extremely accurate loads with prvi components with little fuss, use it with confidence.
Good stuff. I have used it in many calibers; 223, 6.5x55, 7x57, 8x57, 308, 30/06, 270 never had a problem. Just as good as Win or REM in my opinion
I've used Privi brass in 8X57, 7X57 and a few other chamberings. I was always pleased with it.
I have used a ton of in 308 with no issues..I also used a bunch of my 308 brass to make 7-08 brass when it was near impossible to find..Produced some very accurate loads for the daughter's 7-08.
I bought some about 5 years ago when it was hard to find .270W cases never used it yet I have both this and now Starline in .270 just have not loaded yet in any of it.
I've used .308 recovered from factory loads. Did nothing special other than full-length size and trim and have 3 and 4 loads (including the factory) through some of them. I don't load for velocity in .308, just a good general purpose 150 or 180 gr SP load. I don't know what your end purpose is, but I cannot imagine the Prvi would be inadequate for anything other than perhaps very precise target shooting.
Speaking of it if anybody needs some 30/06 brass PV has some at decent price. Not much left.