Red Dot Sighted In


May 26, 2012
Went out today and finished breaking in the Glock 20.

Got the new red dot, Vortex Defender, sighted in. Took a bit since it was way off in left field. I like bangin’ steel.

Did some double taps, target to target transitions, hammers, and failure drills too. Right now I’m sighted in at 10 Yards with my edc ammo. Before heading out in the field I’ll sight in with the Buffalo Bore ammo.

I’m finding for a defensive handgun that 10 Yards seems to put me closest to the X at various distances. Sighted in at 25 Yards seems to put me too far off from my point of aim when shooting closer.

Found a nice spot to shoot in the forest. There’s a great backstop.

I’ll be going back to confirm zero, pattern a shotgun, and zero some rifles.

Checking over the Glock today I found the screws holding the optic on were loose.

Got some more locktite on the screws and cinched them down. Explains why my target looks like crap. I’ll take it out again next week and remember to bring the torx wrench in case it comes loose again.

Just have to add that this Gen 5 trigger is the best feeling Glock trigger I’ve felt. Probably just my imagination but it also seems to have a shorter reset that feels more positive too.

Now I just need to make sure the bolts stay tight.

Looks great Vince. All the preparation and paying attention to the details will pay off if ever needed.
Well done sir!

The bolts, screws, whatchamacallits held the red dot in place.

Didn’t get to shoot a lot as my dog ran off because she was scared of gunfire. By the time I got the Jeep loaded up she was two miles away and heading deeper in the hills. Did manage to confirm zero though.

So I dropped it in granny low and went after her. Pouring down rain for a little bit. Got the dog and made her run some before letting her back in the Jeep.


Started testing some restricted capacity Gen 3 mags as I will be traveling through a socialist country. Washington to be specific. I’m shipping my normal capacity mags to a friend in Wasilla and will sally forth on my journey with communist compliant magazines until I get to Alaska.

The magazines, both of them, are feeding and functioning fine so far. Also have a 20# recoil spring and tungsten guide rod to test with the Buffalo Bore 220 Grain Hardcast.

It’s a good thing my dog is cute otherwise I’d have left her out there as coyote bait.



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