reloading 300 blackout


Feb 16, 2013
I lucked onto a Ruger 300BLK at a local fire company raffle. I was looking over reloading data for it. I noticed in the 2023 Hodgdon annual manual it shows small rife magnum primers for most of the loads. I have CFE BLK powder that I am planning on using in it. Does anyone have experience loading for it? Is a small rifle magnum primer necessary? I have a small supply of CCI small rifle magnum primers, but not as many regular small rifle. I have some 125 ballistic tips and some 110 v-max I want to run through it to start. Looking for any advise.
I use standard small rifle primers and haven't had any issues. I've used the 125 BT and took a crop damage deer with it. DRT.

I use cci 400 and 450's. I haven't done enough testing between bullet weights in 110, 125, 130, 135, 150, 155, 170 and 185's yet when using aa1680, h110, 'lil gun and ww296. Only reason I use 450's is I use the last 3 powders in 44mag with almost the same amount of powder (charge weight). All bullet weights are calculated for 1k of muzzle energy out of an 8.5" barrel (just a preference). I might test #41's also? Also, I don't use a suppressor or have/use full autos. Of my decades of reloading for AR's I've never had a slam fire or cookoff when using 400's (this year is the 1st year using 450's).