Rem Model 7 with a 120 BT


Sep 29, 2004
I’ve loaded the 120 BT in my daughters Remington model 7 in 7mm-08 for years at a reduced load. It’s taken a few whitetail, a mule deer and some Antelope with no issues. This year I put a new Leupold with the CDS and decided we should probably try and get a little more speed out of that rifle. With an 18 1/2 barrel I know it’ll never hit the high notes, but I never intended for it to do that. Yesterday I ran some loads up that we’re doing well in the accuracy department so I went back out to verify one particular load. I don’t even Know how to measure a three shot group like this but I’m pretty pleased.

That's an awesome group! Like Ernie said, measure the widest outside edges and subtract .284".
That will be a nice shooting rig right there.

Spent part of the afternoon loading some more up. Won’t have a chance to take it out and zero the new load till next weekend but I’m pleased with what it’ll do. The only hunting we have on the schedule this year for her is a Wyoming deer hunt in November so we have some time to play around with the CDS scope.